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  1. I know I'm hardly on here but oh well it's time I left COP. feel free to follow my socials

    Twitter: @TiniBlues

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    2. SarasWorstNightmare
    3. Pixelated Kunt

      Pixelated Kunt

      @FemaleRapRoyalty speak for yourself you annoying faggot, leave us the fuck alone

    4. SarasWorstNightmare


      The woke person calling me a faggot when I never even used the n word...who’s the bigot now sksksks

  2. I haven't watched end game but I still watched the trailer because I'm bored
  3. this trend of artists releasing albums with that many songs will forever piss me off Glad some still stick to the tradition of having only 10-16 tracks on their projects
  4. is COP becoming a Klan meeting now? :armscrossed:

  5. welp she won't be getting my appreciation in this thread
  6. someone catch me up on what did she get dragged for to be called racist?
  7. Hello 23 :firework:

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    2. Blue Sunshine

      Blue Sunshine

      Happy birthday love! :hug:

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      Oh My Gaga

      Happy birthday king :gaycat6:

    4. Rainbow 💫

      Rainbow 💫

      Happy Birthday to you cutie! :heart: Hope you have an amazing day! You deserve it! 

  8. This is honestly way better, the song and video Sally Walker was underwhelming. It was cute at first but aged badly
  9. I feel like this can go 2 different ways depending on the person Some fat people have eating disorders so this can impact them mentally in a bad way. Or there are some that would probably consider different diets that won't affect their weight that much and help lose it
  10. I'm the same, I always respect people's opinions even if I disagree with it
  11. In terms of expressing your feelings and/or social interaction. Do you hold certain things back (excluding your privacy) or you just be open to say it with no hesitation
  12. I hardly smoke now, I actually got a vaccination on monday that prevents any nicotine from entering my brain whenever I smoke, giving me high chances to quit and that is shit is helping me a lot
  13. mess, i may have an ear infection. thank god i booked for clinic tomorrow

    1. Grim Reap

      Grim Reap

      damn, you listened to that new T.Swift single too, huh?

    2. Pixelated Kunt
  15. Birthday Week is here, muah :gaycat4: