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  1. decided to withdraw from my job because they forced me to work during the hours I cant do and they don't want to change them. the manager is a bitch anyway so it's their loss.

    at least a got a job interview on Thursday for something that is better

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    2. AmazingAzalean


      Awww thats amazing, gl sis thatll be a great job to have, very rewarding. What were you working as?

    3. Blue Sunshine

      Blue Sunshine

      I hate seeing they mistreated you like this, but I'm happy you've decided to move on from that and not stay and suffer. Good luck with your new interview, that job sounds great ... I hope you get it! :love:


    4. Pixelated Kunt

      Pixelated Kunt

      @AmazingAzalean thank you! and it was customer assistant at a cinema