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  1. 2 job interviews tomorrow and idk which to skip because they're around the same time 

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    2. Pixelated Kunt

      Pixelated Kunt

      @WeKeepOnRockin I wish that was easy because both are far away from each other and I gotta do something later on that day and I can't re-schedule because both will include training afterwards

    3. i am chiron.

      i am chiron.

      Which one is paying more? More convenient or centrally located? One that has the best benefits? or just the one you're more excited about? I would say got to that one. Orrrrrrrrrr just fake a sickness and just reschedule one. 

    4. Pixelated Kunt

      Pixelated Kunt

      @HOLIDAYONCÉ one pays better and has benefits of giving you discounts to any retail store so i'll probably go with that. plus it's 15 minutes from where i live by walk :gaycat7: