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  1. I thought the movie is already out, mess at it being delayed till next summer
  2. I wouldn't cut them off, I can tell the person we can be friends instead although it would be "weird" talking after that but anything is possible Me and my best friend actually used to have feelings for each other but realized a relationship won't work out for both of us so we're better as friends. 6 years later we're still here
  3. Based on Nicki's breakdown today, I wonder if she would say the same shit about Ariana if she did move Queen to the same day as Sweetener
  4. Any Nicki stans that are co-signing this mess are clearly kissing ass. As someone who been listening to nicki since her mixtapes, I noticed there's been a big disconnect from her. She lacks self-awareness and her own stans are actually the reason why she's insane. She needs to just shut the fuck up and accept the #2 position, Queen still got good sales and it being #2 is no harm at all. She's suppose to be the "Queen" but she's clearly bothered about everything. I feel sorry for her
  5. This is basically me, I feel like I will regret being with that one person forever which to me sounds boring and draining (mentally and physically) I can still date people but not to marry, if that was the case then it would be forced in my opinion But whatever, TeamSingle forever
  6. Yeah I can understand Age plays a role in it because you still have a lot of time in your life until you reach adulthood As someone who is also in my early 20s, I already made my conclusion to not be committed. I realised I'm better off without any company. I know things can change overtime but being with someone forever isn't really my style. It's not made for everyone
  7. I'm one of the few people who doesn't wanna be committed to someone (get married etc.) regardless what I feel for them. I noticed this for years (even for straight people), especially how hook-up culture has been popularised recently (in a way). Do you think there's a good explanation why most people don't want/will never to consider taking this step?
  8. I was expecting 6ix9ine before opening this thread
  9. this is song Kiara is talking about. some of the lyrics are actually identical