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  1. I personally find them better than remixes with just a feature, it just depends how well they're executed. There are some I discovered that are way better than the original
  2. My biggest turn off has to be the way certain tracklists were organised for albums. (e.g. track 2 should've been the outro, track 6 would've transitioned to track 11 and vice versa)
  3. Y'all she was so amazing! The vocals and stage presence were IT! I love her energy and spirit so much I always knew her fanbase were very diverse but here in London it was unexpected because a lot of people here hardly express their sexuality/gender so I was blown away at the confidence.
  4. Seeing her live tonight and it'll be my first time as well. Only 2 hours left to the show
  5. Seeing Dawn Richard for the first time live tonight, excited for the slayage :icant:

  6. I love the title track and the mv for it but the EP as a whole is underwhelming. they deserve better YG needs to step tf up, why are they even still milking DDDD with an unnecessary remix
  7. i don't care for billie and lana but what I can say about Billie is that i think she will make good career in the future. she has a good following and her success is lowkey organic in a way
  8. DC have been doing good recently with their movies on a specific character but I fear this would most likely get panned even tho Joaquin is a good actor
  9. to be honest I never knew COP was down until 2 days ago so I joined the discord server and it was boring for me besides that I been very productive, went shopping and learning how to cook better. I been unemployed since last saturday and 3 days ago I got a new job starting tomorrow
  10. do they still make music? braveheart was a bop
  11. I love how she's not bothered by the discussion about it but to be honest I lowkey don't see her being with a girl
  12. I like the music that's been offered from her I'm just not a fan of her voice despite some songs I like. She's definitely unique to the scene and I personally don't see her as an industry plant like most people do since her success is very organic especially in the alternative genre so I'm curious to see how she will go in the future
  13. fake smile should be a single and have an R&B singer on a remix
  14. For your own sake I rather just leave without making any announcements. Not saying that to get rid of you but that's the healthiest way to focus on your mental health. I took a break from twitter in january for a month without telling people and I made a lot of progress. but anyways good luck
  15. I feel like this tour in general felt too soon. I respect her for keeping it going but it's obvious the PTSD is still affecting her. She should've cancelled the tour so she can have more time to herself, find her mental balance and also take a hiatus from music and social media