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  1. Legend Snoop snapped as always I definitely fear for Kanye's mental health and using social media to tweet certain things to let yourself out is understandable but telling the world about some of his stories that are too personal is a fuckboy move, he should've approached drake in person and at least be reasonable, if Drake don't fuck with you then move on, why you so pressed?
  2. i can agree it's a good idea but moving it to a platform that requires payment from her fans is not
  3. has stan twitter devolved to the point where they get physical when they disagree over stupid shit?
  4. I like this a lot but It feels more like a filler, she served with the vocals but this kind of beat is getting tiring now
  5. I got my mom a blender since her old one broke For me I haven't had a real gift since 2012, I only been getting money which I'm fine with since I don't care for gifts
  6. I hate seeing people get Tinashe dragged from things like this but I do have to say that her projects are more cohesive (excluding Joyride). Beyonce definitely has better vocals and producers by her side and if we're talking about dancing both are equally good, Tinashe is more versatile but Beyonce has better stage presence The obvious reason why Tinashe isn't blowing up is because she got a shitty fanbase and a lackluster team
  7. can't believe I used to see a lot of potential in him as a solo artist this album is straight ass
  8. What are some products for your skin that you find overhyped and doesn't do wonders?
  9. I'm 22 and there's probably a chance that I'll be moving out in 2020. It's not easy to be financially stable when almost everything in most places (especially here in London) is very expensive so you have to hustle hard to get what you deserve in life. I'm already tired of being under the same roof as my mom so I do feel some sort of embarrassment from it. I just can't wait to be independent and focus only on me but what can I say is that no one should judge how people proceed in life, we all go through our own situations that prevent us from wanting what we want. Life isn't easy at all
  10. I know, I've always liked him as a producer since childhood but he sort of become lazy recently. especially on the N.E.R.D album