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  1. https://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-6699891/Brooklyn-gym-teacher-30-fired-playing-Fortnite-students-reward-them.html
  2. both olly and MNEK's vocals fit so well together
  3. so far the pre-chorus is the only good part, production us cute Bruno sounds bored on the song, he doesn't sound bad but I feel like someone else should've took his place
  4. I doubt this kind of stuff would guarantee a jail time for him, he's just gonna get bad publicity and worst of all his career being ended
  5. Ngl the whole story has been sketchy since it happened. There are so many layers we don't know about so I try not to jump to conclusions and believe the media. If he did lie about this then this will be the biggest low ever
  6. This is such a bop and the chorus is catchy as fuck Usually videos/movies about robot companions are cliche and basic but this is very unique because the test lasts a whole year and it explains the affection katy gained throughout. This screams iconic
  7. the music video for the song is him with a guy that's down low and has a girlfriend. although I found the video a bit problematic because he exposed the guys sexuality to the girl, I get where he was coming from with the message but the video made it seem like it's normal to out DL's
  8. it's because of no stars are coming out of it. the last successful one that's still ongoing is james arthur her song with 2 chainz is a bop but for her in general, I knew she wasn't gonna do well like most contestants on the show
  9. I miss smoking weed. It's been months 

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    2. Pixelated Kunt

      Pixelated Kunt

      @Sonii i haven't yet tried edibles and I want to, the high from weed can be too strong sometimes so I always put tobacco on my blunts

    3. Barbie
    4. Sonii


      gosh yea
      edibles are super strong but u also need a lot of weed
      I try to avoid using much tobacco because it gets too hot on my throat when smoking it :nekciscream: