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  1. songs here and there will be big but the GP is hanging on tight to mumble rap... tragic but it's inevitable
  2. I Have Questions.... what the hell was that personal shite... and as her first solo single ever? Her career could've ended right there if it wasn't for the GP putting their claws into Havana
  3. I mean it's what she loves to do so by all means pursue your passions.... but sis isn't delivering
  4. haven't been on a while Baldsey is still a crackwhore with no talent
  5. The only one worthy of a #1 is Demi. At least she can sing
  6. do those two have anything to do with farti and necki? No lmao leave them out of it. All I said I was they collab or are engaged with trash but stay pressed!
  7. I really hope she takes as much time as she needs. Her physical and mental health is much more important than her career.
  8. Fall in Line on that list but not One Kiss? I have to laugh, really
  9. animal DEFINED the white girl wasted genre.
  10. alright IM here for godbow bc sis made some points on it but I understand how some don't like it. What I will never understand is how people could possibly disrespect animal and cannibal....
  11. so many users thinking rape is a joke... ya'll are the real kii
  12. Sasha Fierce has Ego, Diva, Video Phone, Sweet Dreams so.... you know my answer