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  1. ugh. the funniest thing on the universe to me is how this thread has been made on every pop forum since 2012. 6 years and people are still desperate to call her over, even though she just had a huge year and there's more to come this year. so pathetic. get a job.
  2. i mixed up the numbers? the fact still stands that she is quite successful. she's not a pop star. what more do you want
  3. what? you literally just proved my point. im screaming
  4. are you dumb? she has a #7 and #16 right now on billboard, and both are expected to go up next week (bad at love will even enter the top 5). this is something very few "pop girls" have managed in over a year. so maybe do your research before talking out of your ass next time
  5. wasn't really single material, the song is amazing but not for the masses.
  6. i would love to but COP is literally SO SLOW since the server switch, it's taking minutes for pages to load
  7. ooo wow! i didn't even vote. thanks whoever remembered me thank u habibi
  8. i remember listening to grigio girls after learning sonja had passed away and i just started crying, it was so sad. i was also moved by angel down and million reasons the first time i heard them, and joanne but later on after the song sunk in. bad romance really moves me too though. like, that song is pure anger and passion and despair and and wow honorable mentions: dope, speechless, highway unicorn, hair, bloody mary, teog, marry the night (damn born this way really is powerful, HU and MTN outros go OFF)