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  1. Rarity on Jimmy Kimmel [Late] 9/22 J: Our next musical guest is one of the fresh names in the music industry. Please welcome Rarity!! R: Hello, how are you! J: I'm fine, how are you? R: Im doing great, really living my dreams! J: So let's cut to the chase, i am really excited to interview you today! R: Me too, this is like my dreams. J: You told me a story backstage on how you used to watch m- how about i let you tell it to the audience! R: Well, before this show and my pre-debut, i used to watch all of my favorite artists go on Jimmy Kimmel and it really is a dream come true to me. J: And it really is a dream come true to get be the first television host to interview you! R: Yay!! One for One i guess *laughs* J:So your new single "You make me feel so good, i can't stop thinking about you"... Wow R: *laughs* yes J: That's a long title! R: Well it has a story behind it and if you want to know what it is about, the song will feed you J: I already heard the track backstage and it is a banger! So tell us more about the creation process R: That day i recorded the track it was literally a dream. It was the first track i ever recorded and i was really happy because i got a chance to do my own songs. It really just was a moment. I'll admit ill cry J: Wow, so this really means a lot to you R: Yes! I been trying so hard to be a singer and get my songs out there but i hadn't have any luck previously and it really just made me want this 10 times harder J: So you go in the studio, cry and record the track. After you get the call the song is approved for release, how did you feel R: Honestly i was just grateful. Like a lot, because i always try my best to do give my all. And it really was the peak of my emotions. I was either crying, good crying tho. Smiling and nonstop talking about it. J: Wow, so we are getting the debut performance from you tonight. What have you prepared for us R: Well, it's nothing that huge. This is my debut performance afterall. But ill let you wait *winks* J: Okay! Tune in after the break for Rarity's debut performance of "You make me feel so good, i can't stop thinking about you" The performances starts with the lights dimmed. As soon as the instrumentals start, a starlight hits Rarity in the faded blue. Slowly moving towards the pre-chorus, the background starts showing and it's a television screen with random triangles and squares. With the lights fully opening on the chorus, Rarity stood while singing the chorus. She showed signs of being nervous and tried her best to deliver the vocals. Rarity sat down on a stool or the second verse while the lights dimmed back again. For the second chorus Rarity stood and got more comfortable, waving her arms around with the vocals in sync, for the bridge, the visuals gets thicker and more brighter. While Rarity walks around the stage, making it more awkward for a first performance. The lights turn into a dimmer color for the final pre-chorus and the lights start blasting in crazy mode. Going from all colors of the rainbow while she delivers amazing vocals throughout the end. Ending the performance nervous, she laughs and smiles for being grateful J: Ladies and gentlemen, this was Rarity with "You Make Me Feel So Good, I Can't Stop Thinking About You" out now in every single platform!!
  2. SHAWN MENDES FINALLY REVEALS HIS SECRET PROJECT: ROSES - 2 DAY EXHIBITION Shawn Mendes has been teasing fans about a secret project for almost two months now. In his recent documentary film, we got a quick glimpse at some of his work on the project, filming a video piece in a parking garage in Sydney, Australia. Many speculated that the project was another project wide film or a secret music video of sorts. However, it was just a small part of what will be one of the biggest and most unique fan experiences of recent memory. ROSES will be a 2 day event from October 12-13 at High Park in Toronto, Canada. The hours of operation for both days is 1:00 PM - 12:00 AM. The event will combine music, theatre, art, dance, film, photography, and fashion to allow fans to physically interact with the themes, concepts, lyrics, and music from Shawn's #1 album Evolution! The musical side of things will feature two outdoor concert stages. One stage will be occupied by various orchestras from across the globe who will be performing specially arranged, orchestral versions of the music of Shawn's new album. These performances will take place periodically . The other stage will be used at the conclusion of each night and will feature some industry heavy weights such as Madonna (more to be announced soon) performing their own unique remix/reimaginings/revampings of three of their favorite songs from the album. Both nights will conclude with Shawn performing a selection of 6 tracks from the album. The theatre side of things will take place in a state of the art dome at the back of the park. In this dome, there will be 3 different theatre troupes who will be performing original 1 act plays adapting some of the stories and elaborating on ideas presented in the new album. There will also be 7 interactive performances in the dome in which fans will be part of the show to get hands on with concepts and ideas from the album! The art side of things will take place in a designated tent on grounds. The tent will hold 450 pieces of original art all done by fans and professionals which are inspired by the album. In this tent, fans will also get the chance to take drawing lessons in classes of 40 three times a day in which professional art instructors will guide the class through creating artworks based on the music and ideas and themes of the album! The dance side of things will take place in designated tent on grounds. In this tent, there will be dance performances from almost 300 fans and professionals who have created and choreographed these dances around the music from the album. Twice a day there will be classes offered for classes of 70 based on two different dance styles to music from the album! The photography and film side of things will take place in a designated tent on the grounds. There will be a photography exhibition with almost 400 entries from fans and photographer's world wide showing photos based on themes, ideas, and concepts from the album! The tent will also host showings of films on a state of the art mobile film screen. The films will be a mixture of professional shot short films starring Shawn based on songs, ideas, themes, and concepts from the album. There will also be short films shown from various submissions from fans and film makers worldwide based on the album. Fans will also get the chance to experience a one-of-a-kind virtual reality short film starring Shawn in which they become PART of the story of the short film based on music and themes and concepts from the album! The fashion side of things will take place in the middle of the event underneath the event's centerpiece which is a giant rose statue. At the base, four times a day, there will be a runway show of clothes designed by amateurs and professionals inspired by the album! There will be two dining pavilions on site serving food. Bathroom services will be available as well. NOTE: VISITORS TO THE EVENT WILL ONLY HAVE TO PAY ONE TIME ONLY! THE MUSIC, THE FILMS, THE GALLERIES, THE SHOWS, AND THE INTERACTIVE OPPORTUNITIES ARE INCLUDED IN THE PRICE OF ADMISSION. VISITORS WILL BE ENTITLED TO ONE FREE MEAL PER PERSON BUT CAN GET MORE MEALS FOR $3 ADDITIONAL. THIS EVENT IS OPEN TO THE PUBLIC! ANYONE WELCOME! THE EVENT GROUNDS ARE CAPABLE OF HANDLING UPWARDS OF 300,000 SO THE MORE THE MERRIER! ADMISSION COSTS Infants NOT Allowed Inside the Event for Safety Reasons Children (3-10) - $10 Students (11-18) - $18 Adults (19 and up) - $25
  3. | September 15, 2018 | #1 (=) Vulnerabilities | Olly Alexander feat. Shawn Mendes | 29,443 | SECOND WEEK AT PEAK #2 (+1) Heat | Kelly Clarkson | 27,540 | NEW PEAK #3 (+1) Down with the Clique | Aaliyah | 24,549 | NEW PEAK #4 (NEW) Games | Demi Lovato | 23,549 | DEBUT #5 (-3) Lush Life | Zara Larsson | 21,840 #6 (NEW) Hazard | Miz Cracker feat. Olly Alexander | 19,540 | DEBUT #7 (-1) Snatching Crowns | Nicki Minaj | 17,830 #8 (-3) My Boo | Cameron Dallas | 17,540 #9 (-1) Fantasy | Black Atlas | 17,210 #10 (+3) Anywhere | Rita Ora | 16,884 | NEW PEAK #11 (=) Y.B.A. | Normani | 16,540 | SECOND WEEK AT PEAK #12 (-3) Biscuit | Fergie | 16,332 #13 (+1) Too Much | Zayn & Timbaland | 16,120 #14 (?) Hurting | AlunagGeorge | 15,840 | NEW PEAK #15 (+3) Money, Love and Happiness | Britney Spears | 15,550 #16 (-9) Bombastic | Normani | 15,230 #17 (?) Alice | Ivy | 14,920 #18 (NEW) Believer | Allison Harvard | 14,640 | DEBUT #19 (-4) Tension | Fergie feat. Britney Spears, Charli XCX, Diana Gordon, Anitta, and Pablo Vittar | 14,333 #20 (-10) Call Out My Name | The Weeknd | 13,890 #1 (=) Lush Life | Zara Larsson | 50,840 | SIXTH WEEK AT #1 #2 (+1) My Boo | Cameron Dallas | 46,320 | NEW PEAK #3 (NEW) Games | Demi Lovato | 42,833 | DEBUT #4 (-2) Vulnerabilities | Olly Alexander feat. Shawn Mendes | 39,240 #5 (-1) Down with the Clique | Aaliyah | 36,332 #6 (NEW) Hazard | Miz Cracker feat. Olly Alexander | 33,320 | DEBUT #7 (+7) Anywhere | Rita Ora | 31,830 | NEW PEAK #8 (-2) Biscuit | Fergie | 29,430 #9 (-1) Snatching Crowns | Nicki Minaj | 28,430 #10 (=) Y.B.A. | Normani | 27,222 | SECOND WEEK AT PEAK #11 (+5) Heat | Kelly Clarkson | 25,540 | NEW PEAK #12 (=) Too Much | Zayn & Timbaland | 24,349 | SECOND WEEK AT PEAK #13 (+4) Money, Love and Happiness | Britney Spears | 22,222 #14 (-9) Bombastic | Normani | 19,504 #15 (+4) Downtown | Shakira | 18,930 #16 (+2) Hurting | AlunaGeorge | 18,640 | NEW PEAK #17 (-6) Tension | Fergie feat. Britney Spears, Charli XCX, Diana Gordon, Anitta, and Pablo Vittar | 18,230 #18 (?) Alice | Ivy | 17,840 #19 (?) Fantasy | Black Atlas | 17,560 | NEW PEAK #20 (-13) Gratitude | Miranda Sings | 17,230 #1 (=) Lush Life | Zara Larsson | 35,930 | THIRD WEEK AT #1 #2 (=) My Boo | Cameron Dallas | 34,320 | SECOND WEEK AT PEAK #3 (NEW) Games | Demi Lovato | 31,302 | DEBUT #4 (-1) Vulnerabilities | Olly Alexander feat. Shawn Mendes | 27,201 #5 (-1) Down with the Clique | Aaliyah | 25,430 #6 (NEW) Hazard | Miz Cracker feat. Olly Alexander | 22,230 | DEBUT #7 (+2) Anywhere | Rita Ora | 21,506 | NEW PEAK #8 (-2) Biscuit | Fergie | 20,506 #9 (-1) Snatching Crowns | Nicki Minaj | 19,560 #10 (+1) Y.B.A. | Normani | 18,450 #11 (+4) Heat | Kelly Clarkson | 18,230 | NEW PEAK #12 (+1) Too Much | Zayn & Timbaland | 17,940 | NEW PEAK #13 (-8) Bombastic | Normani | 17,664 #14 (+4) Money, Love and Happiness | Britney Spears | 17,320 #15 (+2) Hurting | AlunaGeorge | 16,840 | NEW PEAK #16 (-4) Tension | Fergie feat. Britney Spears, Charli XCX, Diana Gordon, Anitta, and Pablo Vittar | 16,555 #17 (?) Downtown | Shakira feat. J Balvin | 16,230 #18 (?) Alice | Ivy | 15,940 #19 (?) Fantasy | Black Atlas | 15,556 #20 (-13) Gratitude | Miranda Sings | 15,200 #1 (=) Lush Life | Zara Larsson | 35,340 | THIRD WEEK AT #1 #2 (+6) Heat | Kelly Clarkson | 34,332 | NEW PEAK #3 (NEW) Games | Demi Lovato | 31,403 | DEBUT #4 (+6) Y.B.A. | Normani | 27,233 | NEW PEAK #5 (-3) Vulnerabilities | Olly Alexander feat. Shawn Mendes | 25,830 #6 (-1) Down with the Clique | Aaliyah | 22,130 #7 (-4) Tension | Fergie feat. Britney Spears, Charli XCX, Diana Gordon, Anitta, and Pablo Vittar | 21,849 #8 (NEW) Hazard | Miz Cracker feat. Olly Alexander | 20,332 | DEBUT #9 (-5) My Boo | Cameron Dallas | 19,443 #10 (-3) Snatching Crowns | Nicki Minaj | 18,555 #11 (+1) Anywhere | Rita Ora | 18,230 | NEW PEAK #12 (-3) Biscuit | Fergie | 17,888 #13 (+2) Fantasy | Black Atlas | 17,650 | NEW PEAK #14 (-1) Too Much | Zayn & Timbaland | 17,222 #15 (?) Hurting | AlunaGeorge | 16,890 | NEW PEAK #16 (+2) Money, Love and Happiness | Britney Spears | 16,555 #17 (?) Alice | Ivy | 16,333 #18 (NEW) Believer | Allison Harvard | 16,120 | DEBUT #19 (-13) Bombastic | Normani | 15,888 #20 (-9) Call Out My Name | The Weeknd | 15,600
  4. | September 15, 2018 | #1 (+4) Down with the Clique | Aaliyah feat. Miley Cyrus | 37,340 | NEW PEAK #2 (-1) Biscuit | Fergie | 31,222 #3 (NEW) Games | Demi Lovato | 29,650 | DEBUT #4 (-2) Vulnerabilities | Olly Alexander feat. Shawn Mendes | 28,111 #5 (NEW) Hazard | Miz Cracker feat. Olly Alexander | 26,555 | DEBUT #6 (-2) Lush Life | Zara Larsson | 22,840 #7 (-4) Tension | Fergie feat. Britney Spears, Charli XCX, Diana Gordon, Anitta, and Pablo Vittar | 20,840 #8 (-2) Snatching Crowns | Nicki Minaj | 18,888 #9 (+1) Anywhere | Rita Ora | 18,596 | NEW PEAK #10 (+5) Heat | Kelly Clarkson | 17,430 | NEW PEAK #11 (=) Y.B.A. | Normani | 16,450 | SECOND WEEK AT PEAK #12 (-5) My Boo | Cameron Dallas | 15,450 #13 (=) Too Much | Zayn & Timbaland | 14,840 | SECOND WEEK AT PEAK #14 (+2) Money, Love and Happiness | 13,888 #15 (+3) Hurting | AlunaGeorge | 13,630 | NEW PEAK #16 (?) Fantasy | Black Atlas | 16,420 | NEW PEAK #17 (+3) Alice | Ivy | 15,888 #18 (-10) Call Out My Name | The Weeknd | 15,520 #19 (-10) Bombastic | Normani | 15,320 #20 (-8) Gratitude | Miranda Sings | 15,100 #21 (NEW) What You Waiting For? | Christina Aguilera | 14,750 | DEBUT #22 (NEW) I See the Sun | Shawn Mendes | 14,555 | DEBUT #23 (-6) Fences | Diana Gordon | 14,322 #24 (NEW) Stop Trying to Be God | Travis Scott | 13,888 | DEBUT #25 (NEW) Lights in the Sky | Shawn Mendes | 13,444 | DEBUT #26 (NEW) Believer | Allison Harvard | 12,850 | DEBUT #27 (-8) Sunday Bloody Sunday | Shawn Mendes | 12,640 #28 (-14) Back and Forth | Aaliyah | 12,444 #29 (?) Pretty in Pink | Miz Cracker | 12,100 #30 (?) Downtown | Shakira feat. J Balvin | 11,800
  5. | September 15, 2018 | #1 (+4) Lush Life | Zara Larsson | 109,340 | NEW PEAK #2 (-1) Vulnerabilities | Olly Alexander feat. Shawn Mendes | 103,222 | #3 (+5) Y.B.A. | Normani | 102,222 | NEW PEAK #4 (NEW) Hazard | Miz Cracker feat. Olly Alexander | 100,830 | DEBUT #5 (+7) Too Much | Zayn & Timbaland | 97,230 | NEW PEAK #6 (NEW) Games | Demi Lovato | 94,333 | DEBUT #7 (-4) Down with the Clique | Aaliyah feat. Miley Cyrus | 90,430 #8 (+1) Anywhere | Rita Ora | 85,840 | NEW PEAK #9 (+4) Hurting | AlunaGeorge | 74,444 | NEW PEAK #10 (-3) Snatching Crowns | Nicki Minaj | 68,320 #11 (=) Biscuit | Fergie | 67,140 #12 (-10) My Boo | Cameron Dallas | 63,140 #13 (?) Alice | Ivy | 61,840 #14 (?) Sunscreen | Kimberly Walsh | 58,222 #15 (+1) Heat | Kelly Clarkson | 57,130 | NEW PEAK #16 (-1) Money, Love and Happiness | Britney Spears | 55,830 #17 (-3) Tension | Fergie feat. Britney Spears, Charli XCX, Diana Gordon, Anitta, and Pablo Vitar | 53,300 #18 (NEW) Believer | Allison Harvard | 52,340 | DEBUT #19 (-15) Gratitude | Miranda Sings | 47,320 #20 (?) Downtown | Shakira feat. J Balvin | 45,555 #21 (NEW) I See the Sun | Shawn Mendes | 43,650 | DEBUT #22 (NEW) Stop Trying to Be God | Travis Scott | 41,240 | DEBUT #23 (-13) Bombastic | Normani | 38,130 #24 (NEW) What You Waiting For? | Christina Aguilera | 36,450 | DEBUT #25 (NEW) Lights in the Sky | Shawn Mendes | 35,333 | DEBUT #26 (-9) Back and Forth | Aaliyah | 33,201 #27 (-9) Sunday Bloody Sunday | Shawn Mendes | 31,100 #28 (-8) Bad Love | Sean Paul & Ellie Goulding | 28,333 #29 (-10) Girls | Rita Ora feat. Tinashe, Charli XCX, and Cardi B | 26,222 #30 (?) Pretty in Pink | Miz Cracker | 23,222
  6. | September 15, 2018 | #1 (+1) Snatching Crowns | Nicki Minaj | 605,144 | NEW PEAK #2 (NEW) Games | Demi Lovato | 584,344 | DEBUT #3 (NEW) Hazard | Miz Cracker feat. Olly Alexander | 536,200 | DEBUT #4 (-3) Vulnerabilities | Olly Alexander feat. Shawn Mendes | 485,201 #5 (-2) Lush Life | Zara Larsson | 465,300 #6 (-2) Down with the Clique | Aaliyah feat. Miley Cyrus | 430,230 #7 (+3) Anywhere | Rita Ora | 425,301 | NEW PEAK #8 (-2) Y.B.A. | Normani | 413,749 #9 (-4) My Boo | Cameron Dallas | 402,540 #10 (+7) Heat | Kelly Clarkson | 381,934 | NEW PEAK #11 (=) Too Much | Zayn & Timbaland | 343,830 | SECOND WEEK AT PEAK #12 (?) Hurting | AlunaGeorge | 320,222 | NEW PEAK #13 (+2) Fantasy | Black Atlas | 302,222 #14 (-5) Biscuit | Fergie | 293,222 #15 (NEW) Believer | Allison Harvard | 274,834 | DEBUT #16 (-2) Money, Love and Happiness | Britney Spears | 253,760 #17 (NEW) I See the Sun | Shawn Mendes | 244,444 | DEBUT #18 (-5) Tension | Fergie feat. Britney Spears, Charli XCX, Diana Gordon, Anitta, and Pablo Vittar | 236,430 #19 (-12) Gratitude | Mirada Sings | 233,840 #20 (-12) Call Out My Name | The Weeknd | 228,222 #21 (NEW) What You Waiting For? | Christina Aguilera | 217,333 | DEBUT #22 (NEW) Lights in the Sky | Shawn Mendes | 209,430 #23 (NEW) Ganja Burns | Nicki Minaj | 198,333 | DEBUT #24 (-6) Back and Forth | Aaliyah | 191,333 #25 (-6) Girls | Rita Ora feat. Tinashe, Charli XCX, and Cardi B | 171,300 #26 (NEW) Stop Trying to Be God | Travis Scott | 159,300 | DEBUT #27 (-11) Sunday Bloody Sunday | Shawn Mendes | 132,320 #28 (-8) Wreak Havoc | Normani feat. Nicki Minaj + Ariana Grande | 124,444 #29 (?) Hurt You | The Weeknd feat. Nicki Minaj | 118,888 #30 (?) Pretty in Pink | Miz Cracker | 114,444
  7. Oh no hun they are WAY too popular to have bad ratings. They’ll draw a huge audiene.
  8. SHAWN MENDES ON LATE NIGHT WITH SETH MEYERS Shawn Mendes is one of the biggest artists in the world and he's done it in such a short amount of time. Shawn first released his iconic debut single "Boys and Boys" in August of last year. Since then, he's released 3 #1 projects, a string of hit singles, headlined the Super Bowl halftime show, embarked on an acclaimed blockbuster world tour, released a major film, and rewritten the rule book for male artists in the industry. And at the center of all of that is a 20 year old from Canada who is loving every minute of his life. Shawn's new album Evolution debuted at #1 across the globe and since then, he's been traveling on a very unique promotional tour that included a mini-tour that just recently concluded. After taking a few days off, Shawn has returned to continue his promotional tour! ON "I SEE THE SUN" "I never thought that fans would fall so in love with the song but I'm glad that they did. I was a little hesitant at first to include the song on the album because it was something so new for me. I'd never explored my love life musically before so I was nervous about opening up that part of my life. But I realized that I'm an adult and that I am able to discuss those aspects of my life. Some people have made a big deal about the song talking about sex, but the song's not really about sex. The song is really about allowing yourself to be who you know you are even though you've never spread your wings like that. I talked the the person the song is written about and he agreed with me that it was a message that needed to be sent. The moment described in the song was the moment where I felt so much stress get lifted off of me. I admitted to myself what I hadn't want to admit to myself for a long time. When I was writing the song, it flew out of me more organically than almost any other song I've written so it was immediately a big song for me. Ultimately, I'm glad it's on the album. Looking at the album now, it would have really been missing had I decided to nix it." ON BECOMING CLOSE TO CAMERON DALLAS AGAIN "A big part of the reason we fell out of contact was the fact that both of us kind of wanted to forget MAGCON. And for a while, that included each other. I was the one who really dropped the friendship the first time. I was so frustrated with what happened, I was just ready to drop it all and move on. But life threw us back into each other's lives. When he got his record deal, I sent him some start up money and he called to thank me and next thing I knew he was opening up for the last shows of the tour. Since then we've remained in constant contact. I talk to him daily. We both knew though that rumors would start to follow us, and they have. But it's not important in the end. We're happy to be around each other again and happy about where we both are in life. No labels or names attached." ON BEING ONE OF THE MOST CONTROVERSIAL MODERN ARTISTS "It is what it is. I know whenever I do something not everyone is going to like it. I made the decision to be who I am as a person regardless of fame. I have opinions and I want to share them. Not everything I say or do is for everyone and that's okay. But I think what pisses some people off more is the fact that I don't apologize for things that don't need an apology. Violence in my videos, political statements...I'm not apologetic for that. I stand by what I do because I do it for a reason. If I feel that I can make a little bit of a difference by bringing light to something then I will. I don't ever say or do these things to upset people, I do them because I feel they need to be done." Evolution and "I See the Sun" available now!
  9. Not when Madonna, Gaga, Taylor, and even fucking Katy have had better performances through the 21st century.
  10. Yeah! You've still got him and the single is still a thing! <3
  11. SHAWN MENDES ONCE MORE COURTS CONTROVERSY WITH DOCUMENTARY + NEW VIDEO Who would've thought that an ex-Viner would become one of the most controversial artists of the decade? Shawn Mendes is also celebrated as one of the greatest artists of the decade but he didn't get there without some people getting a little pissed along the way. Whether it be his overt and blunt political statements, use of violence and taboo topics in his videos and concerts, unapologetic support for various controversial concepts, and even his private life, Shawn's name has been on everyone's lips but they're not always lips belonging to someone praising the 20 year old Canadian mega star. This time, his documentary and his new music video are causing controversy among parents of young fans and various religious and social groups. First is his film. It's certainly smashing at the box office but there are parents that are upset with some of the film's contents. One thing that has been taken notice of is Shawn's swearing. He's thrown out bad words before but we see a lot more of it in the film. Some parents of younger fans felt themselves being put in an awkward position when Shawn swore in the film due to the shock of it themselves and wondering if their kids were really registering it. One mother said "It didn't make for easy family viewing." And while that's true, there were several other parents that actually went to defend Shawn's vocabulary in the film. One mother said in response "He's 20 years old. He's not a kid anymore. And even if he was, most kids are dropping f-bombs by 5th grade." However there is one other moment in the film that some parents were shocked by. It's a brief, but there is a moment in the film where cameras capture Shawn in the midst of changing, only wearing tight briefs. Though this scene was not presented in a sexual manner and was played more for humor than anything else, it was enough to grind the gears of parents who quickly called out the moment as being inappropriate for younger viewers. However that's nothing compared to the response to his brand new music video/short film for "I See the Sun". In the video, we see Shawn getting steamy and intimate with a male partner. Though we don't really see anything beyond some passionate kissing and clothes on the floor, the strong implication of what's happening is certainly clear and it's a little shocking when you watch it the first time around. This is the first time that Shawn's ever explored this realm and for some religious groups and parent groups, it was too much. Religious groups on social media have condemned the steamy aspects of the video not only for the sexual implications, but the up front portrayal of a same-sex couple. On group posted on their Facebook page "As he has through his whole career, Mr. Mendes continues to push a sinful agenda." Of course this isn't the first time Shawn's been put on blast by religious groups for his use of homosexuality in his career but the comments coming from thee groups seem much more angered than normal. But the thing is the video is pretty tame compared to what's found in other music videos of modern times. There's no nudity and the sex is all implied. Most younger fans probably won't even pick up on the sexual aspect of things. Not to mention the sexual implications are justified in the context of the song which is about a first time homosexual experience. What do you think? Is Shawn's swearing too much to handle? Is his racy video too hot for TV? Let us know in the comments!
  12. Hello sistren! Welcome to Create A Label, the internet's best and most interactive music simulation game! This game is all about creativity, music, and interactivity. Seeing as you're probably new (we've all been there) or maybe you just need a refresher on how this all works, this thread is just for you! Come along as I, @MDNAInMyRebelHeart , take you through the ins and outs of how all of this works! CAL is an online music simulation game. You take on one (to start with, you can have more later) artist and you play as them releasing singles, albums, videos, and promo and touring! You can sign an artist that has an established career and you can continue from where they've left off recently, you can sign a brand new artist and build their career entirely from scratch, or you can even create an artist that doesn't exist or make another celebrity that isn't a musician become an artist! The game is very interactive. You will be able to collaborate with other artists, sign on to tour as their opening act or have them open for you! The CAL main thread is for promo only! You can talk directly to other players in the Discussion Thread! If your artist talks about another artist or are working with another artist in character, then you can tag the user who plays that artist in the thread but don't converse player to player there! Getting started is surprisingly easy! Follow these steps to become a part of the CAL community! 1. Let the Hosts Know You're Here! Your first stop will be the Discussion Thread. Here you will tag any one or all three of the game's hosts which are myself ( @MDNAInMyRebelHeart ), @Nicki Minaj , and @Avalanche ! Your message can simply be you just asking to be a part of the game! Once a host sees the post, we'll get you going on the rest of the steps! 2. Pick an Artist + Name Your Label Next, you'll choose 1 artist to start. A list of claimed artists is on the OP of the main CAL thread. You can NOT sign an artist to your label that has already been signed to another player's label. Once you have chosen an artist, you will then tell us who that artist is. Then you will name your label. For example, my label is called WILDD Records. Your label name and the artist (or artists if you add more in the future) will be added to the OP in the main CAL thread! 3. Take Your Starting Chances All new labels are automatically given $2,000,000 to work with. You are also given 2 free bookings. A lot of promo slots cost money but you can have two of the slots that are usually paid for free as a start up for your artist! Please take advantage of these opportunities and be smart with them. It will get your artist off on the right foot! Now that you're all set up, here is how you play! 1. Promo Like in real life, your artists chart success depends on promo. You can post promo in many different forms. You can do radio interviews, any TV show on the free booking list, any slot that costs money that has been booked through @CALBooking , magazines that are booked by @CALBooking , free magazines (any magazines not listed on the paid promo list), paid radio shows that are booked by @CALBooking , free radio (any radio station not listed on the paid booking list). FOLLOW THIS LINK RIGHT HERE FOR ALL OF THE RADIO STATIONS YOUR ARTIST CAN VISIT WORLDWIDE! You can also have your artist do internet things such as YouTube video features, cool promo like the 75 questions that's become popular, and pretty much anything else you can think of to promote. You can also write articles from TMZ or other gossip media sites to stir up some controversy for your artist! I will do that as well sometimes in the CAL News Stories section. 2. Earning Money from Sales Your label will earn money for the sales of your music. This does not apply to the digital charts, only the singles charts and albums charts. Your label earns $1 for every single sale! So if your single sells 129,584 copies one week then your label will have made $129,584 from that single sale. There are sales charts posted for 7 different countries and you add up your total single sales among all 7 countries and that's how much money you've earned from single sales. Your label earns $5 for every album sale! So if your album sells 129,584 copies one week, then you take that and multiply it by 5 to get how much you've earned from that single sale. There are sales charts posted for 7 different countries and you add up your total single sales among all 7 countries and that's how much money you've earned from album sales. Singles/album charts are posted once a week! 3. Releasing Singles/Albums You can write your own songs or use real life songs (you have to license real life songs and can not license a song listened by another label. You can see what songs are licensed in the Song Licensing thread). You pick the release date you want to release. It his highly recommended you release all singles and albums on Friday so you have an entire week to earn sales! You can announce your singles in advance but singles are not able to pre-ordered. You can announce EPs or albums in advance and they are able to be placed on pre-order (you can track pre-orders in the digital charts). When you release a single, you need to include a single cover, track info, the lyrics, and the audio track. Click THIS LINK RIGHT HERE for an example of a single release. You release albums the same way and include all of those elements. You can also include a back cover and booklet for the album. Click THIS LINK RIGHT HERE for an example of an album release. 4. Your Artist on Twitter You don't have to do this but most players do. You can create a Twitter for your artist and use that to interact with other players and make announcements and comments for fans. Click THIS LINK RIGHT HERE for an example of an artist Twitter. Try to include CAL in the username and make sure to post something that tells people you are NOT really that artist. 5. Tracking Your Success As mentioned before, singles charts and album charts are posted once a week so you can see how your songs/albums/EPs are doing there. Digital charts (iTunes) are posted twice a week so you can see where your projects are on the digital charts as well as see how many pre-orders your album/EP has. Periodically, Vevo views and Spotify streams are posted so you can see how much exposure your artist has. Touring is the biggest money maker in the game. Here is how to send your artist on tour! 1. Booking a Tour You can NOT just send an artist on tour without any planning or booking or announcement. When you want to tour, PM me ( @MDNAInMyRebelHeart ) IN CHARACTER AS YOUR LABEL requesting to book a tour. Include a list of what dates (Month and Day) and what venue you want to perform in. I will set the venue capacities which means how many tickets are available per show and will respond in character with those confirmed dates. NOTE: New artists will most likely not get approved to play arenas or stadiums. New artists need to start touring in smaller venues or risk not selling many tickets in larger venues unless your artist gets HUGE as a new artist! Once I have confirmed the dates to you, you make the official announcement and tickets will go on sale. 2. Tracking Ticket Sales I will attempt to update LiveNation ticket sales two times a week. Here you will be able to see how many tickets each show of your tour is selling. 3. Posting a Tour You do not post your tour articles in the main CAL thread, you post them in the CAL Tours section. Click THIS LINK RIGHT HERE for an example of a tour article. 4. Collecting Earnings from the Shows Once the tour starts, LiveNation updates will include how much money each show earns. YOUR LABEL DOES NOT GET EVERY PENNY EACH SHOW EARNS! If your artist is the headliner of the tour and there is no opening act, then your label will get 20% of the money earned from each show! For example, if one of the shows earns $1,384,840 and there was NO opening act then your artist would get $267,968 from that show. If there is an opening act then the headline artist earns 15% of the money earned from each show! If your artist is the opening act for the tour, then they will earn 5% of the money from each show! For example, if one of the shows earns $1,384,840 then the headline artist with an opening act then the headliner will collect $207,726. The opening act would collect from $69,242 from that show. At the end of the tour, all of the dates total earnings (including the money your artist does and doesn't get from each show) will be calculated and in the OP of the LiveNation thread will be placed in the ranking of tour grosses from highest to lowest for the season. Like any game, CAL has rules! Here are the rules and guidelines you must adhere to at all times! 1. Articles Interview articles, both free and paid, must be no less than 300 words! If the article is less than 300 words, then it will not be counted toward the charts! This counts for interviews as well as magazines. The only exceptions are the announcement of music discounts, iTunes/Spotify banners, album pre-order announcements, tour announcements, and Twitter promotion. Live performances on PAID promo slots must be minimum 150 words. Any less and it will not be counted toward the charts! Live performances for FREE promotion must be minimum 100 words. Any less and it will not be counted towards the charts. Paid promo isn't always cheap so it would best for you to make the absolute most out of the slots. @Nicki Minaj can help you write the Wendy Williams articles, too! 2. Videos Music videos are some of the best promo opportunities out there. They are also AMAZING for buzz so they should be treated like paid promo even though you don't have to pay to make the video. All music video articles must be 200 words minimum. That's less words than this post up to this sentence so you can do it no problem! Most everyone ends up with well over 200 word videos without even thinking about it so it isn't as hard as you think haha! Music videos with less than 200 words won't carry much weight, maybe none at all, when it comes to promotion. The exception to this is trailers for songs, videos, tours, etc. There is no word count minimum for videos like that so that's all up to you! 3. Paid Bookings A calendar of what artists have what paid promo slots booked will come out at the start of every month. To book paid promo you MUST BOOK IT THROUGH @CALBooking AND APPROVED BY THEM OR YOU CAN NOT POST AN ARTICLE WITH YOUR ARTIST DOING THAT BOOKING! 4. General Rules Not Related to Game Play Drama is not tolerated (out of character; in character drama is fine!) in CAL. If there is a problem, message one of the hosts. Do not have a fight in the Discussion Thread. All forum rules apply in CAL. No bullying or anything like that. You will get one and only one warning and if you do it again, I will request @Nicki Minaj to give you warning points. Be mature, I know you can be! If you continue to cause problems, the hosts will be forced to consider banning you from playing the game. Do My Albums Get Metacritic Reviews? Yes! We have a team of Metacritic reviewers who will review your EPs and albums! The reviews will be posted by @Bianca Del Rio in the Metacritic thread. Do My Tours Get Reviewed? Yes! I will post a review of every tour in the Gigwise section! I will also post award show performances ranked from worst to best in this section! Can I Sign More Than One Artist? Eventually yes. You start with only 1 artist and can not sign another artist until you've released an album with your first artist. After that, there is no limit to how many artists you can sign That's basically what you need to know! If you have any more questions, ask any of the hosts or other players in the Discussion Thread and we'll try to help! Have fun! @Starboy @Finessé Knowles @MDNAInMyRebelHeart @Avalanche @The Family Jewels @FlorianLovato @Tattooed Heart @Ms. Knee @Venti @Joanne @Sundown @kipperskipper @Bianca Del Rio @Caramel @Desperado @kordei @Nicki Minaj @barbiej33p @Oh My Gaga @Elusive Loverboy @Tana Mongeau
  13. "I SEE THE SUN" OFFICIAL VIDEO - PART III OF THE EVOLUTION FILM SERIES The video begins immediately where the video for “Sunday Bloody Sunday” left off. Shawn is sitting by the pond and looking at the fish as a very light and calming rain falls. Shawn looks down at his watch and takes notice of the time. He stands up and walks back up to the main building. He walks to the office of one of the doctors, Dr. Foster. When Shawn walks in the office, he sits on the other side of Dr. Foster’s desk and they talk. Dr. Foster: “Good afternoon, Shawn.” Shawn: “Good afternoon.” Dr. Foster: “How are you?” Shawn: “Today’s been a good day...I’ve not thought about that night at all. Which...is new.” Dr. Foster: “That’s fantastic! You know Shawn, I know that you were angry when your friend busted through your door and wrestled the gun from your hand...but I think it was meant to be. Your time to go hadn’t come yet. You’ve been making a lot of progress Shawn and I’m extremely happy for you. I’d say in a few weeks, you’ll be able to go home. Have you been happy here?” Shawn: “At first, no. But the more time I’ve spent here...the more I’ve gotten to love it. It doesn’t feel like a hospital. It’s nothing the crazy houses you see in movies.” Dr. Foster: “No, it’s not thankfully. Shawn there’s a question I’d like to ask you.” Shawn: “Alright.” Dr. Foster: “In some of the visits I’ve made to your room...I’ve noticed that there’s a photo of you and some boy your age looking very happy. Do you have a brother?” Shawn: “No I don’t” Dr. Foster: “Well if you don’t mind my asking...who is he?” Shawn: Smiles “He’s...the first guy that ever stole my heart. And he’s never really given it back. The hope is that once I’m released, we can meet up and hang out...catch up. It’s been a dream for a while.” We don’t see the rest of the conversation. Instead, we move to Shawn arriving in his room. He looks at the table beside his bed that has photos of his family. Among them though it that photo of Shawn and a guy. Shawn turns on the radio on the desk. Shawn then grabs the photo off the table and sits down on the bed. The song begins. The parts of the video with the song are all memories that Shawn has of the event described in the song. The first verse comes in. We see Shawn at a party on a rooftop of a hotel. It’s a wild party and people look like they’re having fun. Shawn however looks a little uncomfortable by the hustle and bustle of the party. Shawn sneaks away from the party and gets on the elevator. He goes to his hotel room and crashes down on his bed. His lamp is the only light in the room. Shawn looks up at the ceiling and puts his hand over the lamp, looking at the shadow it casts. At the start of the second verse, Shawn hears a knock at the door and he gets up to answer it. It’s a guy from the party, the same guy seen in the photo. Shawn knows him and they are obviously friends. It’s a bit awkward at first but the two of them get to talking. They both lay on Shawn’s bed and make shadows with their hands with the lamp and look up at the ceiling to watch them. Shawn starts to sit up but the guy touches his shoulder and sits up beside him. They look at each other for a moment and the guy takes Shawn in a kiss. They kiss for a few seconds before slightly pulling away from each other and looking at each other. This is obviously the first time either had kissed another guy, but the look in their eyes shows that they both are feeling the same thing. They lean in and kiss again and we see the shadow it creates on the wall. The chorus comes in and we see Shawn and the guy continuing to kiss. We see one of them, not exactly who, remove their shirt. We then seen a close up of untied shoes on the floor with a belt sitting next to them. We then see more close up shots of the two of them kissing. Interspersed between these shots of the two of them kissing are snippets of moments that took place prior to this hotel room encounter such as the two of them with a group of other boys playing basketball, bowling, and more. The same group of other boys are around but Shawn and this guy appear to be the closest ones of the two. As the chorus comes to an end, both Shawn and the guy lay back on the bed and Shawn reaches up and turns off the lamp. As the third verse comes in, we are taken to sometime the next day. Shawn knocks on the door of the guy’s hotel room and drags him out of the room. Shawn, guiding the guy by the hand and leads him out of the hotel and down to the beach by the hotel. We see the two of them laughing and enjoying themselves. They both go in the water and stick close to each other. We see them hug each other in the waist deep water, the guy putting his head on Shawn’s shoulder. We then see the two of them running across the beach laughing. The fourth verse comes in and we see that Shawn and the guy have now found their way to the roof a tall building. They probably aren’t supposed to be there but they don’t care. They sit looking up at the setting sun. We see the guy grab Shawn’s hand and they pull each other into an embrace. They watch the sunset as they hold onto each other. The chorus returns. We see Shawn and the guy pass each other in the hallway of the hotel and they look at each other but quickly move on. It seems as if they’re trying to avoid each other. We see why when Shawn looks down at his phone and we see messages from a group text with all of the other guys seen earlier. They seem to know there’s something going on between Shawn and the guy but both Shawn and he are denying it to cover up what’s been happening. Of course we know they have been but both of them are scared for their sexualities to come out. We see Shawn sitting by the window of his hotel room upset by it all. The bridge comes in and we see Shawn looking through texts he sent to the other guy. Quick flashes of that first night in the hotel room come to Shawn’s mind. Shawn lays back down on his bed and turns the lamp on, starting to make shadows with his hands. However his longing mind makes the shadows look like he and the guy kissing each other. We continue to see quick flashes of that first night. One snippet shows all of their clothes on the floor and the two of them laying under the blanket asleep next to each other. Shawn snaps out of his longing memories and goes to take a shower. As he’s looking in the mirror, he’s alerted by a knock at the door. As the final chorus comes in, Shawn goes and opens the door and the guy is standing there. Shawn seems a bit shocked but the guy takes him in another kiss. We see the guy then say to Shawn (we don’t hear it but we can read his lips) “I couldn’t stay away.” We see the two of them sitting on Shawn’s bed, just talking. On the side table, Shawn’s phone is blowing up with messages from that group chat. He picks up his phone and turns it off and places it in the drawer. The other guy smiles. They stand up in front of the hotel window and kiss one more time as the song ends. Now that the song is over, we come back to the present. Shawn’s radio is still on and it’s morning. The very end (the last line) of Cameron Dallas’ “My Boo” is heard We then hear a morning radio show DJ saying good morning as Shawn rolls over and turns the radio off. Shawn turns back the other way and looks at the sun coming in through his window in his room. He looks beside him and sees the photo of him and the guy sitting next to him on the bed; Shawn had fallen asleep with the photo and dreamed of when they saw each other last. Shawn smiles at the photo as we fade to black, ending the video with this message: