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  1. I used to like Xtina but this whole album sounded desperate. To me it's 45 minutes of trying too hard to catch up after so many years. Idk all of it just feels so hollow and fake.
  2. Avalanche will usually post the rest but something came up in his personal life so I’ll be doing them this evening. Usually he’ll be doing CA, FRA, GER, and BRA tho
  3. Avalanche will usually post the rest but something came up in his personal life so I’ll be doing them this evening. Usually he’ll be doing CA, FRA, GER, and BRA tho
  4. Just listened to the final assembly of Shawn’s album and I’m more proud of it than anything I’ve ever done.
  5. Welcome sis! I'm about to head to bed considering it's 5 am where I am. But I'll be back later of course! In the meantime, look at the OP for this thread and the OP for the actual game thread to get a gist of the game and what artists are taken. If I'm not back soon enough then @Nicki Minaj @kipperskipper @Avalanche or @Bianca Del Rio can help you out with getting started!
  6. OCEAN WAVE AVENUE TOUR DIARY - MELBOURNE WHERE: Melbourne, Australia WHEN: July 13, 2018 VENUE: Rod Laver Arena CROWD: 12,472 [SOLD OUT] SHOW: 43/54 After a fantastic show in Sydney, the Ocean Wave Avenue Tour continues through Australia. Tonight, the tour arrives in Melbourne, the home of some of the most passionate members of the Mendes Army. An Australian fan club is run out of Melbourne and their YouTube channel is very popular among fans worldwide. There were thousands of fans in the city who were to be filming vlogs and documenting how fun the show would be. And Shawn made sure that the show was indeed special for these amazing fans! TONIGHT'S PRE-SHOW It's always a party in Melbourne! On the lawn adjacent to the arena, there were several stalls opened up with food, drinks, and fun. A local radio station was on hand playing remixes of Shawn's songs as fans happily waited. For the fans who had GA tickets, they stuck close to the arena to make sure they would be let in first to get the perfect spot. The humidity wasn't too bad and the crowd stayed under control, making this one of the most enjoyable pre-show waits of the tour! TONIGHT'S MEET AND GREET MOMENT Tonight Shawn got to meet a fan that has a very special respect for Shawn. Scott is 19 and openly gay. But it was with help from Shawn's music that he came out. Scott came to the attention of the Medes Army when a video of him singing "Boys and Boys" and then coming out in front of his whole school during a school talent show. When Scott got back for his meet and greet, he didn't expect Shawn to recognize him but he did! Shawn and Scott talked for a little while about the importance of loving and embracing who you are. Shawn also let him know that he loved Scott's performance of "Boys and Boys" and that he was very proud of Scott! TONIGHT'S BACKSTAGE ACCESS One of the most important elements of a concert is the lighting. Shawn has a team of 10 genius lighting tech designers that travel with the tour. The team is overseen by the light tech manager Anna Lee. She is new to the touring game but has a lot of experience with lighting design from 4 years working on Broadway. She talked about the tour's unique lighting design: "Shawn wanted to have a light show that's nothing like the other tours on the road right now. We decided to build the rigs in a square formation instead of the usual round setup. This shape allows the lights to be viewed almost all independently instead of just one massive collage of lights. There are several moments in the show where Shawn wants contracted lighting which couldn't be done in any other configuration." TONIGHT'S WELCOME SPEECH "Melbourne do you feel alive tonight?! You are one of the loudest crowds we've had on the tour so thank you so much for all your enthusiasm. We're so happy to be here tonight to play for you and we're so glad that all of you are here. I know that there are a lot of really special fans from here that belong to a fan club based here out of Melbourne. I don't know where you are but I'm sure some of you members are out there tonight. I just want to say to those people that I'm so touched by your love and support and that I'm so thankful for that continuing. I love all of you! So Melbourne are you ready to have a good time tonight? We'll then I guess the only thing missing is your invitation. Melbourne...welcome to Ocean Wave Avenue!" MESSING WITH A SECURITY TEAM MEMBER IN THE FRONT Every venue supplies employees that act as security. They are mostly in front of the stage and watch over the audience. They're not supposed to turn around but Shawn got one of them to break that rule! After Boys and Boys, a fan tried to throw a pride flag on stage but under threw. The flag landed right on the security member's head. Shawn spoke to him. "Well it looks like someone's not a very good throw. Here let me get that from you. This guy's been having fun tonight. I bet he doesn't want to admit it but he's been bopping along to some of the songs tonight. Are you a fan?" The security guard, now on the screen, smiles and nods his head. "I knew it! Alright dude since you've been doing your job so well tonight I've got a little something here." Shawn is handed a sharpie and signs the pride flag. He then puts the pride flag around the security guy like a cape. "There we finally have a gay superhero." Shawn and the crowd laughs and so does the security guy! TONIGHT'S SHOW PHOTOS
  7. OCEAN WAVE AVENUE TOUR DIARY - SYDNEY WHERE: Sydney, Australia WHEN: July 10, 2018 VENUE: Qudos Bank Arena CROWD: 11,330 [SOLD OUT] SHOW: 42/54 After months of anticipation, Shawn Mendes has brought his Ocean Wave Avenue tour down under for his first headlining shows in Australia! Australia has long been one of the biggest supporters of Shawn's career so fans there have been preparing for his 5 shows there for months! Fans lit up social media, sharing photos of signs they made, talking about when to get to the venue, snapping pictures of what they'll wear, and some sharing pictures of their VIP lanyards! TONIGHT'S PRE-SHOW Fans began arriving to the arena to queue for the GA floor almost 20 hours before the doors were set to be opened. By midmorning, almost 350 fans had arrived to wait. The crowd grew as the day progressed and by around noon, the crowd was looking to be one of the thickest of the tour. Screams erupted from the queueing fans when Shawn was heard coming on to do his soundcheck. He and the band then rehearsed for his ARIAA Awards performance. Outside, the temperature was scorching. Fans were miserable in the heat and there was fear of heatstroke. The decision was made to open the doors almost two and a half hours early to get fans out of the heat. This meant that Diana Gordon's setup was done in front of a crowd but fans left plenty of room on the floor for the crew to do what they needed to. TONIGHT'S MEET AND GREET MOMENT The special moment in the meet and greets in Sydney came in the form of Annalisa. She's 5 years old and a Shawn super fan! She's well known to the Mendes Army after a video of her singing Every Breaking Wave in a local talent show got popular on stan twitter. Shawn had of course seen the video as well. When she came into the meet and greet space, Shawn got down on her level to hug her and tell her how much she loved her singing! She was all smiles as several photos were snapped. Shawn gave her a keepsake: a copy of the night's setlist with an autograph and a little message written on it! TONIGHT'S BACKSTAGE ACCESS There's a new member of the crew for the remaining tour dates! Meet Lilly Wong She took over as Shawn's guitar tech for the remaining shows of the tour after his original guitar tech had to fulfill a commitment on another tour. Lilly is 24 and is a graduate of a music school in Sydney. Shawn met her at a studio in Sydney at the end of last year when he came to work with Troye Sivan on his then upcoming album. They quickly became friends and when the position opened up, Shawn wanted no one but her to take fill it. She's responsible for all of Shawn's guitars. He has 60 touring with him and he selects which ones he wants to use each night. She is given a copy of the setlist and which songs require which guitar. She tunes each guitar, usually around 6 per show, for the song's they are going to be played for. TONIGHT'S WELCOME SPEECH "Sydney let me hear you scream! Thank you so much for coming out to join us tonight. As I'm sure you all know, this is my first headlining show in Australia. You have been so supportive of my music since I released my first single and I couldn't wait to get out here. You gave me my first number one and I see all the time the love you all show to the music and the love you show to me on social media. These were the first international dates of the tour that was booked because I wanted to make sure I got to play for you in the best time and places as possible. Tonight, we're going to have an amazing time. I want you to make a vow right now to sing, scream, and dream with us tonight. Let loose, have fun. Dance like no one's watching! Sydney if you're ready then...welcome to Ocean Wave Avenue!" ACOUSTIC PERFORMANCE OF "MOONLIGHT EYES" "So I did a song for Olly's film. Have you guys seen the film? I loved it! He asked me to do a song for it that had something to do with LGBT topics. I sat and thought for a bit about how I wanted to do it and I decided the best way to do was just tell the story of two guys who are madly in love. Love comes in so many different forms and this song describes just one. Though it was written for a gay male theme, this song can be for any lovers out there. Girl and girl. Boy and girl. Boy and boy. Whatever you want! So tonight let's celebrate some love. This is called Moonlight Eyes." Shawn sang and played the song as the crowd sang with him. The screen showed a variety of wedding photos of couples of all shapes, colors, and forms. TONIGHT'S SHOW PHOTOS