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  1. Welcome back :demilip:

    1. Elusive Loverboy

      Elusive Loverboy

      Btw I saw Shawn Mendes live at ACL and thought of you :demilip:

  2. Shawn Mendes has officially sold out his first stadium show, and he did it in 11 hours! The show was announced just two weeks ago and the fan pre-sale happened 2 days ago, however it was noted by ShawnAccess that the pre-sale was incredibly limited and that around 95% of the show's tickets were being held for the public sale. The public sale began at 10:00 AM EST and by 2:00 PM EST, it was reported that 88% of the show's capacity had sold out. The show officially sold out, according to Ticketmaster's website, at around 9:05, just a tad over 11 hours after going on sale. The near immediate sell out is pretty unprecedented. Initial projections from Pollstar estimated around a 25k first day. Seeing as this is Shawn's first ever stadium show, those numbers seemed to be the most realistic, however the sell out has obviously crushed those numbers. There has not been an official capacity released for the show at this point however based on the seating chart, it should fall in the venue's concert average of between 39 to 40 thousand. At 20 years old, Shawn has become the youngest solo artist to headline the venue in it's history. The show could potentially be one of the highest grossing single shows of 2019. Based off the average ticket price and the estimated capacity, the show could bring in close to $6.2 million which would place him alongside U2 and Taylor Swift for sales in the venue. 
  3. There's a lot that was said, a lot of deep rooted frustration and anger that's come out of all of this. However, I can agree to just move forward and leave that stress and anger back where it belongs which is in the past. I don't know that I'll ever regain full confidence in the forum again, however I can be willing to pop in from time to time and be a little present on the forum boards and in music discussion. I don't think that CAL, at least our incarnation, will be returning to the forum. But I do appreciate the apology and I can be around here somewhat, I just won't fully recommit to anything. COP will be for leisure on my part from here on.
  4. No matter how much money someone, everyone deserves some empathy. So what if she has money? She still needs support. Money doesn’t fix everything.
  5. I say this every time that I see that you’ve posted around here
  6. Wow sis you really are a vile one aren’t you? I don’t really agree with what @Dangerous Woman says/does around here but you NEVER tell someone to kill themselves. That’s fucked up.
  7. Oh no hun they are WAY too popular to have bad ratings. They’ll draw a huge audiene.
  8. Not when Madonna, Gaga, Taylor, and even fucking Katy have had better performances through the 21st century.
  9. Yeah! Just give me a date and I’ll do it
  10. Fuck sorry I've finally gotten around to this nn How about sign ups tomorrow or Tuesday (up to you!) and results September 28?
  11. For Katy's usual standards and sales, it flopped...like the entire era did
  12. I'm so ready for Cardi B just go away. I don't why she's so fucking popular. Her music is terrible, her whole aesthetic is a poor imitation of what other female rappers have already done better...she's a waste of attention.