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  1. Begging & No goodbyes but there isn't one bad sone on the album
  2. i've met Nicki, Ariana, Selena & Demi. With a few other smaller acts Like Dua, Melanie, Fifth Harmony, Charli & Joe Jonas
  3. She looks beautiful. This is a stunning shoot omg
  4. I don't think it'll be top 10, but definitely top 20!
  5. she really needs to cool it with the surgeries, it's becoming a bit much (& I love Kylie, she's my favorite)
  6. it should. it's a perfect pop song, but the US is sadly sleeping on Dua. Maybe her 2nd album will give her the hit she deserves
  7. i miss her storytelling. like don't get me wrong the 1989 songs told stories but they were no speak now or red. However, i LOVE her pop music. I have a feeling it'll be pop again but i just hope its not a 1989 2.0 & I hope she incorporates more storytelling
  8. omg this was everything. By far her best video
  9. ooo thanks for showing me! Do you guys think she'll release in August & pick up her old pattern?
  10. No matter how hard I try, I can't quit watching his videos or snaps. I don't really like him as a person but I respect him as an entrepreneur & I've bought several of his products & they're very good!
  11. Do you like Nicki? & would you ever want to work with her?