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  1. ah, I see so she’s just been really frustrated sexually for the past 5 years
  2. ..... why is cardi being a judge on a show about rhytm and flow
  3. lmao not gags stans trying to make her into something she’s not yes, she’s having amazing success rn but she’s been flopping for 5 years sans million reasons (altho one could make a case for that flopping too) and suddenly when she co-stars in a movie with one of the biggest names in hollywood in a remake of a already popular film with fucking barbra streisand and gets a hit out of it she’s the biggest pop girl right now? there were several other names in the running for ASIB like beyonce and rihanna and I GUARANTEE that the movie would’ve smashed just as hard (if not even harder) with one of those ladies as they were actually relevant during the release she is not bigger than ariana right now, you could make a case for her being in the top 3 pop girls arm tho
  4. LOTB also went top 10 and did amazing on radio and it went 3x platinum and needed me went 5x (i think) and was huge on streaming also Too Good and TIWYCF were during the Anti era which were huge plus anti went 3x platinum which is pretty great for the stresming era anti was far from a flop lmao
  5. both icons but anybody saying gags has gotten anywhere near the level of controversy and iconhood that madonna has is kidding themselves madge didn't have to wear outrageous costumes to be controversial
  6. assuming her sales stay stable at around 15k for the rest of the tracking week, she'll get around 80k total sales. in that case she would need to get at least 30 million streams during the rest of the tracking week (which is doable, if she gets around 2-2,5m streams from spotify for the remainder of the week, she'll get another 12-14mil from apple music and the remaining 5mil can come from tidal, deezer, youtube, pandora) and if she manages to get some radio support (not much, even a 5 million audience is enough) she has a fighting chance for #1 30 million streams = 187,5 points 80k sales = 107 points 5 million audience = 5,5 points total = 300 points currently her competition girls like you and sicko mode are expected to be at 299 and 297 points respectively, so it'll really be a threeway battle for #1 meaning it'll honestly go down to a few thousands sales/a few hundred thousand streams those extra 2 days of tracking she would've got from releasing on friday would have REALLY guraranteed her a #1...
  7. assuming she gets 0 airplay, she needs 30 million streams + 75k sales to debut #1, both are doable so i'm hoping for the best (+ she might even get 5-10m audience on radio if she's lucky) a lot of rap songs have debuted in the top 3 this year and they only have streams, they rarely get airplay + they have weak sales. ariana has radio support, strong(ish) sales and massive streaming so let's pray
  8. 2x more streams than the #2 Mo Bamba on Spotify US, + #1 on iTunes US (if we're disqualifying those Kris Wu songs cause let's be real his not competition for #1) IS HER FIRST US NUMBER ONE UPON US?
  9. i’ve literally heard no one say that like ever
  10. depends on who they are, taki taki is catchy but cardi’s verse is probs one of her worst ones
  11. Depends on the disability. If it would be physically disabled, to an extent yes, unless the condition would make the baby completely paralyzed. If it were a mental condition, most probably not. And that’s not because of selfish reasons, I would not want to bring a child to this world only to suffer and be discriminated.
  12. Rap started taking over after the rape allegations. Coincidence?