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  1. GOD IS A WOMAN WENT UP 6 SPOTS ON SPOTIFY GLOBAL TO #4 AND 3 SPOTS ON SPOTIFY US TO #5 THE LIGHT IS COMING FOR GIAW MAIN FUCKING POP GIRL CONFIRMED also the previous top 20 debut could easily change to a top 10 debut now after this huge streaming increaseyas hunty
  2. oh lol i gotchu that would be an interesting thread tho, getting in touch with yo roots how do you know that ur heritage is from sudan?
  3. wait what why did you think i came from sudan and why did you start spilling tea on sudan i’m confused lmao
  4. you live in sudan? wow that’s so interesting that i never knew that
  5. I know you didn't ask but here's a higher quality, longer, and more fluid version of your current avatar xo - sal


    1. demimaniac


      we love a helpful sister, thanks boo:x

  6. i’ve visited australia once and i really loved it, i only visited sydney and newcastle tho
  7. i meant that in the beginning of this thread my point was that giaw is doing amazing as her second single, but imo ari is doing as good as drake when it comes to digital downloads, on streams his miles ahead
  8. i always like to hear people tell fun facts about their country, or watch videos on youtube but that sucks usually cause they just read some dated piece and assume everything is true word to word and they get their facts all fucked up cause they themselves are not natives to the countries they are talking about which is why i prefer natives telling interesting facts about their countries i’ll start: i live in Finland and we - get parking/speeding tickets based on our income, meaning for the same traffic violation one person can pay 100€ while the richest pay 100,000€ (someone actually had to pay 107k once) - have no mandatory tests in school until age 18 - have the highest amount of sauna’s per person: we have 5.5 million people, yet we have over 3 million saunas - have the highest amount of coffee & milk drinked per capita, also the highest concentration of heavy metal bands per capita - are the land of technology: Nokia, Angry Birds Clash Of Clans and Hay Day all come from Finland. also the first internet messenger, IRC-chats, the first internet browser and the heart rate monitor were all invented in finland - were allied with the axis powers, meaning we fought alongside the Nazi’s, in world war 2, which is something a lot of people don’t know. also on that topic we fought a war with the russians (whose army was over 10x larger) and it is considered by many historians to be the most humiliating defeat ever for the russians those were some facts i thought were interesting about my country, now please share some facts about yours
  9. the week problem was released fancy had only been out for a bit over a month and was only at #18 on bb100 also iggy’s follow up sigle to fancy debuted at #7 on the bubbling under so how come she’s able to move 300k for ariana and get her a top 3 debut yet can’t do the same for ha self interesting
  10. YES i agree 100% she needs to do live performances on ellen, the jimmys etc all week
  11. kinda yes kinda not i might judge people based on their appearance etc, but i don’t say it out loud.mp3 and i don’t let it show in my behaviour towards them
  12. quoting yo self, i see u sis ”work work work work work work”
  13. god’s plan debuted with 130k downloads and nice for what with 80k problem debuted with 300k downloads and ntltc debuted with over 100k hope i answered ur question