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  1. omg is it already tomorrow? I have a feeling that this will either flop to filth like not even getting 1 day in the spotify top 200 or become a major hit idk tho
  2. i get my vma’s and ama’s mixed up occasionally so it’s a possibility
  3. not the century, maybe 2018 not even near the best ari performance, her best BY FAR is the ama's bang bang performance
  4. usually short answers no, longer answers yes
  5. I didn’t sign up but can I still send in my votes
  6. no, but I don’t believe she at any point said there was no problems in the world nor did she say she was talking about every country all she said was she didn’t understand people who complained about being poor (tho she could’ve said it less drastically) and I just thought I would clarify the welfare system she lives in and why it isn’t ignorant to say people who are poor are generally speaking lazy
  7. i love how some cardi supporters have a problem with it when they’re literally the samw complexion and both are hispanic lmao the hypocricy altho like stan like fav huh
  8. healthcare = free tuition = not a thing only thing you need to pay on nordic welfare states is food and rent, and if you are unemployed the government gives you approx. 1k a month DW probably wasn’t talking about people online from different countries, but people from her own country since you really need to be extremely lazy/disabled or otherwise physically unable to work to be poor
  9. PSA Dangerous Woman is absolutely correct because she (as do I) live in a NORDIC WELFARE STATE. So in our countries, education (all the way up to universities) is free, the government pays for nearly everything, and there's really nothing but your dreams and aspirations that stand between you being poor or rich. And I'm pretty sure DW didn't mean people who are poor because of things like mental illness, disability etc.