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  1. this song is honestly so good i just worry about her streaming numbers tho, the youtube views so far aren’t that great for a #1 debut but we’ll just have to wait for spotify tomorrow
  2. i think it’s safe to say people realize this was a joke the whole joke is that her tweet said she’d die if she went #1 and she went so she died lmao
  3. HOLY FUCK honestly i’m pretty sure she might get her first #1, the hype is there and if the song is bomb she’ll have it in the bag
  4. I apologize to all the feminist for being a white man
  5. honestly better than i expected time to drop this flop and move to solve her daddy issues
  6. omg finally i don’t know if i can handle my excitement
  7. no? normani is way prettier + a better body no need to create racism where there is none
  8. Chun-Li and especially Barbie Tingz serve bars, and are bops from first listen Anybody who disagrees seriously lacks taste btw Cardi has a few bops on her album, I Like It and Drip + obviously the singles BY&BC but most of the songs sound like fillers especially be Careful is terrible
  9. Cardi is not even as popular as Nicki was during her debut tho
  10. Ari will definitely get top 10, probs even top 5 eventually, I think she will debut lowish tho cause if Posts album is released the same week, Posts songs will flood the top 10 but they will drop quickly and Ari will crack the top 5 Nicki is a wild card cause she will either debut top 10-15 and then drop drastically like No Frauds or she will have a huge hit but honestly her last solo hit was in 2013 with Anaconda and she hasn’t really had any solo hits since
  11. lmao sis cool down in no way am i saying that taylor flopped or that demi is outperforming her, what I am saying is that reputation as an era has flopped to her own standards which are quite high