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  1. ”boo boo” those are not hits RTWG barely entered the top 30 and was certified gold, BTINH was barely certified gold and didn’t enter top 15, Love on top was barely a top 20 track and certified gold, formation and hold up were certified gold and sorry only platinum out of those only formation reached the top 10 and that was only a fad, but if ur considering a song peaking at #29 and selling 500k then we can be stamping every song out here as a ”hit” beyonce makes bops and i’m sorry if ur pressed and in denial but bey’s last solo hit was halo in 2009
  2. Pop star's saddest moments?

    why is it poor her she’s the one who cheated
  3. at least she has a more recent solo hit last time beyonce could relate was 2009
  4. ya’ll seriously denying bey hopping on songs for a #1 she obviously is looking for a hit and anyone who denies it is delusional i don’t mind tho, mi gente is a bop
  5. Dolores O’Riordan has been found dead today. She lead the irish rock band ”Cranberries” for 13 years and together sold over 40 million records worldwide. side note: their album is currently ahead of Camila’s on the US iTunes. wonder if their album might snatch the #1 from Camila
  6. Beyonce is better than Adele

    both a tad overrated imo
  7. Skinniest COPer?

    good try
  8. Skinniest COPer?

    demi is a skinny legend, great observations dahhling
  9. Skinniest COPer?

    read my title
  10. she would be dumb not to use someone who's hot right now and try to go solo
  11. Selena unfollowed Demi on Instagram

    also she commented this literally 13 hours ago so i think they’re still good
  12. Selena unfollowed Demi on Instagram

    she unfollowed like 300 people, like sarah hyland and camila etc who are her friends i wouldn’t read too much into it
  13. Marry, fuck, kill

    Marry: Taylor, cause she has the most money Fuck: Demi, cause life goals Kill: Lorde, cause idk - marry, fuck, kill? @Maren Swift @Ratchet @CUZ!CAN