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  1. Just 1 question. How do you define quality of a song. Is there a industry standard?
  2. Well she make her engagement such a high profile event like a month after their break up. Yeah whatever?
  3. You are a music executive? Which label? There are very successful popstars with lesser talents. So how you know she won't be a success?
  4. Sia is mine inspiration. She defeated Ageism in one of the most biased industries in the world
  5. Just look at all the Sia and Diplo side projects. Today Sia has 2 songs. Next week another soundtrack. Then there is the vox lux project. Damn Queen is getting those coins for retirement ?. Diplo has his own side project. Labrinth just become a father. Thunderclouds is doing great and hyping them up. Nov seems like a fair date. I'm more worried they just throw out the album and forget all about it. No performance at all...... ??
  6. WSia flop for the past 2 years? Did Sia release an album? How come I duuno.? 2017 Dusk till Dawn sold 6 million WW has 1 Billion YouTube view. I would say that's the number some fandom will be very proud of. AND It did not even get a FUCKING live performance. Yeah sorry Im still peeve. Release a Christmas album which we will not know if it will become classics. These thing take years. 2018 Flames did not do as well but is still a moderate hit. Im expecting 2-3 million WW. The video is crap but that's what you get when David is in it?. LSD project. First 2 song is good by mine standard. No promo and and being new just suck. My country radio doesn't play them just because of that dumb fuck LSD name. Thunderclouds is doing fine. A push from being on Samsung Ad do wonders. Shaping up to be at least a moderate hit. Here I am release today Dolly Parton ft Sia showcase both their vocal ability. More importantly show that Sia can sing nearly all genre of music raising her profile among country music lovers In between Sia release tons of soundtrack. That's what a Class A prolific songwriter do. People go to them for soundtrack, charity events. Psss not those songwriter who only know how to modify other people work and claim it as their own. You can spot them easily, people just don't go to them for song even through they claim to be songwriters. And lastly Sia has a very small social media fanbase. 4 mil on tweeter, Instagram, 7mil on Fb. Considering Cheap Thrills Sold 14 mil.,Chandelier 7 mil. Those ratio numbers are fucking impressive. So yeah she need lots of radio and promo. Those numbers just show her fandom can't give her those sales figure. All in all she is basically sitting at home watching netflix these past 2 years collecting tons of royalties from all the song she shit out these past 2 years. I'm sure that's an ideal lifestyle for many people out there. If that is your definition of flop. Then most class A artist flop worse and only the top few are successful. SO TO THE AUTHOR OF THIS THREAD. YOU BETTER BE VERY WELL VERSE IN SIA SALES FIG BEFORE CALLING MINE FAV A FLOP OR A FAD OF 5 YEARS,WHEN SHE IS IN THIS BUSINESS FOR 20 YEARS AND VERY WELL RESPECTED BEHIND THE SCENE AS A SINGER/SONGWRITER
  7. https://itunes.apple.com/sg/album/thunderclouds-feat-sia-diplo-labrinth/1420592739?i=1420593225
  8. Going to Vegas That's the place where legends go to die
  9. Of course I'm alive. I'm a Sia fan so it natural we have some of her characteristics Yes this is way better than the first 2. There is one more that also sound very promising ??
  10. Sia has surpassed 1.1 Billion streams with both Cheap Thrills' solo and ft. Sean Paul versions combined as a lead. She is the first female artist ever to achieve this milestone. ? 'Cheap Thrills' also remains the Most Streamed song by a female artist in Spotify history. ? https://t.co/5RXZioZurj https://twitter.com/siamaniac18/status/996820900983947265?s=19