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  1. Come Back Be Here.mp3


    1. vendettaswift
    2. Treacherous Swiftie

      Treacherous Swiftie

      Oh my god you're back I fucking missed you! :hug:

    3. vendettaswift


      I’m just checking up on stuff to see how everyone’s doing cause I miss some of y’all sm

  2. I just remembered this iconic thread ugh my mind

  3. I just wanted to make a comeback for a hot minute to say that Poppy is cancelled and Mars Argo will THRIVE

    1. Treacherous Swiftie

      Treacherous Swiftie

      I miss you sis lol. Stay Stay Stay.

    2. vendettaswift


      I moss everyone too but I'm in my last semester of high school, everything is so crazy and I don't get on social media nearly as much as I used to because almost all of my free time is just filling out scholarships

    3. Believe In Furler

      Believe In Furler

      omg yes. i'm tempted to put up a post about it all, it's so messy

  4. Sis we miss you :trisha:

    1. vendettaswift


      I miss y'all too :beybawl:

  5. I'm gonna leave COP for idk how long and leave this message:

    @beysus is a messy bitch and they should be missed for it :gaycat:

    1. beysus


      Thanks sis! I will miss you! :beybawl:

  6. I've been really liking Katy's recent interviews and I'm on a bender listening to her music... if she keeps to her word and goes back to her simpler style of music then I might have to stan that bitch again 

  7. End Game is such a bop I'll never forgive Taylucifer for not giving it the promo it deserves!!!!!

  8. the snake cult took over a thread and a mod had to close it :taylucifer3:

  9. Igloo feel completely of the iTunes chart :kelly: so much for making her big comeback :elliesass:

    1. Treacherous Swiftie

      Treacherous Swiftie

      Indie will probably drop her from his stan last, since he only stans charts.

    2. Nicki Minaj

      Nicki Minaj

      She still ended Sicki Garbaj. Where's her Superbowl commercial? :katyp1:

    3. vendettaswift


      True! Btw we need to stop buying all our Mercedes because they support sicki and not the ultra-successful iggy who peaked at #16!

  10. hold on to the memories, they will hold on to you...

    and i will hold on to you

  11. Did it ever occur to you the Snake Priestess is making giraffes jealous with your profile pic.

    1. vendettaswift


      The snake even has other species pressedt, a true queen! :gaycat:

  12. The Champion is still #1 and The Middle is still getting green updates, country women stay winning:wendy24:

  13. Spoiler

    Is PopCrave gonna be banned from the celebrity news section now? :methney:


    1. Dirkje


      No. A: PopCrave has done lots of promo for us so we gotta pay back by using them as sourde.

      B: PopCrave is my most important source. Since I make tons of news threads on here, which I do to help this forum. Idk where else I have to get the news from? Billboard?

  14. Not Justin Timberlake fighting off rumors of an 'NSYNC reunion at the halftime show while Joey Fatone is an extra for igloo australia :kelly:




    1. Guest


      P!nk is from Philly. Philly won. Tallent won. P!nk is talent. P!nk won. Philly is from P!nk.