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  1. Come Back Be Here.mp3


    1. vendettaswift
    2. Treacherous Swiftie

      Treacherous Swiftie

      Oh my god you're back I fucking missed you! :hug:

    3. vendettaswift


      I’m just checking up on stuff to see how everyone’s doing cause I miss some of y’all sm

  2. I just remembered this iconic thread ugh my mind

  3. I just wanted to make a comeback for a hot minute to say that Poppy is cancelled and Mars Argo will THRIVE

    1. Treacherous Swiftie

      Treacherous Swiftie

      I miss you sis lol. Stay Stay Stay.

    2. vendettaswift


      I moss everyone too but I'm in my last semester of high school, everything is so crazy and I don't get on social media nearly as much as I used to because almost all of my free time is just filling out scholarships

    3. Believe In Furler

      Believe In Furler

      omg yes. i'm tempted to put up a post about it all, it's so messy

  4. Sis we miss you :trisha:

    1. vendettaswift


      I miss y'all too :beybawl:

  5. i took a small break, i never said that i was leaving for good i'm probably not gonna be as active on here anymore but i'll still be lurking in the shadows to make sure y'all are worshipping Taylucifer
  6. I'm not the only Latino on this site
  7. I really like this video, you're so well spoken and it is a really informative video
  8. And yet, you think the name "church of pop" is protected under copyright law You sure you passing those classes sis?
  9. This sounds like someone read half of the Wikipedia article for copyright and considers themselves a lawyer now lmaooooo
  10. You should tell us who or even just show us that you got screenshots and blur the name because right now it doesn't seem like you got screenshots, it seems like you went through our PM's.