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  1. James joint deserved the #1 spot, not sure about Birthday Cake. Anyways wheres Mi Primer Amor interlude by Xtina
  2. Baby One More Time > Slumber Party I Know What You Did Last Summer < Never Be The Same Naturally < Wolves Melodies < Say It To My Face
  3. WIG! That thread scalped me. Welcome sis
  4. Sometimes I catch myself judging people and dragging them HARD in my mind like when I first meet them or something. But its like a first thought then I brush it off and try not to. Im getting better tho
  5. Sonetimess lol when im w friends. Other than that im always speaking stan language in my mind??lol
  6. Gaga, Katy, Beyonce and even Bruno were so much entertaining. Not even being a biased Britney stan just stating facts
  7. Dead: 9/10 Fools: 8.5/10 Heartless: 7/10 Tyler Durden: 6.5/10 Home With You: 7.5/10 Teenager In Love: 7/10 Say It To My Face: 10/10 Overall: 85/100
  8. BITCH??? Dead & SITMF the worst ones??those are certified bops!
  9. Thoughts? Btw it didnt let me post it w/o tags so i didnt know which one to put