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  1. Fefe predicted to debut at #4? I- :thinkga:

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    2. Smollett4Prison


      @jackgrandeway to completely MISS THE POINT. This point is that your fave is working with a CONVICTED PEDOPHILE which means she supports pedophilia and that was kinda already clear when she said NOTHING about her PEDOPHILE RAPIST brother who was CONVICTED and JAILED! Gotta love social justice...except for innocent young girls who get raped! 

    3. Ms. Knee

      Ms. Knee

      Just so we are clear He isn’t a convicted rapist or pedophile. He plead guilty to Use of a Child in a Sexual Performance which means :involves the appearance in and distribution of videos of a minor performing sex acts, even if the accused is not the main subject of the video.  Which he wasn’t. 

      Also, as long as he follows the rules of his probation he will NOT be registered as a sex offender. 

      Also let’s note that the guys he went meet are the ones who invited the girl and said they had hung out with her the night before.

      So long story short, Nicki doesn’t support pedophilia by working with 69. 

    4. jackgrande


      #1 - she isn’t my fave

      #2 - what @Ms. Knee said

      #3 - her not speaking on her brother doesn’t at all confirm she supports pedophilia

      #4 - we can all agree 69 is trash, no where did I or anyone else say other wise

      #5 - i’m not an sjw

      #6 - buy god is a woman on iTunes