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  1. i’m considering removing my miley stan badge ngl :ny2: Younger Now aged like milk and Bangerz is low key the only album I love from her. Malibu is still one of my favourite songs of all time though and I fucking love her voice, I’m conflicted what do I do? Stan or unstan?

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    2. Cyrus


      31 minutes ago, Tattooed Heart said:

      pull a @Cyrus :demifat:

       what does this mean? :waxga:

    3. Miley Ray

      Miley Ray

      2 minutes ago, Cyrus said:

      I agree, no offence but if you don't enjoy most of her music I don't see why you would keep her stanbadge. :demilip: You can just be a cute Bangerz/Malibu stan like most members on this forum :demilip:

      It's still a super sad day to lose another stan on the forum :oprahcry: it hurts me to see people abandoning her recently she doesn't deserve it :oprahcry: 

    4. jackgrande


      I’ve officially unstanned :wendy12: maybe i’ll stan again one day