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  1. omg guys I feel so sorry for my dog rn, she’s been throwing up like every half an hour for almost 24 hours now. she’s going to the vets tomorrow but i’m so worried omg :scared:

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    2. jackgrande


      i’ll keep you posted boo, me and my mum are literally getting no sleep like we have to keep putting a bowl near her mouth every 30 minutes :scared:

    3. raven


      :(  The same thing happened to my dog a while ago and the vet said to stop feeding him for 24 hours after he throws up so his stomach can "reset." That might help if you havent already tried that

    4. jackgrande


      she’s been having problems with her food in the past few months so it probably is her food, we tried giving her some but she didn’t want to eat it so I guess that’s quite good. Hopefully her stomach will go back to normal tomorrow