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  1. Thanks for 26k! We love a COP legend :gemma: some wish they could relate

  2. If only they had sensitive toothpaste but for sensitive personalities :whereisit:

  3. Petition for this to be hung in the Louvre @aahfeekiee


    1. aahfeekiee


      all over the world art curators are SHOOK!

  4. I’d honestly marry a cinnamon roll if I could :trisha12:

  5. So I just listened to the first few seconds of a couple of the snippets you posted on your sound cloud and BITCH.... MY SOUL IS NOT FUCKING READYYY HOLY SHIT

    1. ACT2



    2. jackgrande


      i’m so pissed that I caved but it’s what I needed :disgusted: I didn’t listen to any of them in full, the most I listened to was I Don’t Know What Love Is and holy FUCK her voice

  6. The ASIB trailer just came on TV and my dad said “All the reviews for this have been scathing” and BITCH I WENT THE FUCK OFF HAVE YOU NOT SEEN THAT 96% ROTTEN TOMATOES SCORE, MULTIPLE 5 STAR REVIEWS AND OSCAR BUZZ?!! EDUCATE YOURSELF


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    2. jackgrande


      Omg that’s so cute :trisha12:

      I never went to concerts when I was young but Gagas music was some of the only music my parents would buy for me when I was younger (surprising as she definitely was not a kids act then skfjfjdjd) so I have to thank them for that too I guess

    3. Dirkje


      Yeah I was only allowed one concert a year though so I often choose Gaga. Now that I'm a adult I go to any concert I want. I really wish I saw the Teenage dream tour and prismatic tour! 
      But I caught up a little bit this year by going to the Witness tour, both shows in Amsterdam!

      Now I just make sure I have enough money that if my faves come to the Netherlands I always can get tickets if I wanna go!

    4. Barbie


      He sounds like a mouth breather, boy if you don't know what you are talking about don't speak so loud :education:

  7. So i’m sat at a table in college with this straight boy who used to send nudes to my friend which she showed to me, he literally has no idea I’ve seen his dick SKSKLJD


    1. AmazingAzalean


      dfskjdsfjdfsjdfj a CLASSIC :kelly:

    2. jackgrande


      ITS SO BIG TOO like I’m melting knowing what’s under the table right now :shookga:

    3. AmazingAzalean


      I dare you to grab it and throttle it like a rubber ducky :kelly:



  9. I’m suddenly straight... WHEWWW LORD HAVE MERCY


  10. Goodnight COP! Thankyou all so much for coming to the megarate it means a lot ♡


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    2. jackgrande


      Oh tea! :lucifer3: sorry I misgendered Taylor

    3. Maren Swift

      Maren Swift

      She forgives you but she is also keeping her eye on you. undefined

    4. jackgrande


      No lie I did actually have a nightmare about a snake last night :deadbanana: she’s coming for me :wendy43:

  11. 30 minutes! You know the drill by now :nickisip:

  12. Whoever set this new Gaga stan badge... sis I just wanna talk :thinkga:

  13. 1 hour 30 until the Sweetener results show! :demiwerk:

  14. 4 hours until the Sweetener results show :gemma:

    1. Elusive Madame X

      Elusive Madame X

      I think you mean "4 hours til Breathin' gets the top spot :gemma:"

    2. jackgrande


      I’m not saying anything :stare: you’ll be surprised though