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  1. So there was this one especially traumatising time I ordered pizza one night and had some left over, so I put it it in the fridge for the next day and told my family NOT to eat it. I got home from work the next day and guess what? I opened the refrigerator only to discover the BIGGEST betrayal I have EVER come across in my lifetime. The pizza was MISSING!!!!!! MISSING I TELL YOU!!!!! Never had I ever felt something hurt this deep before. I immediately threatened to empty the WHOLE of the refrigerator and BURN it, DUMP IT, PUT IT ALL TO WASTE LAND!1!1!1!11!!! I moved out for GOOD, the pain was just too much for me to stay in that DISGUSTING household. I’ve never once felt the same way since. Please someone tell me how to deal with this trauma?
  2. Have you ever thought that maybe she was just tired of your bullshit?
  3. Thanks for 26k! We love a COP legend :gemma: some wish they could relate

  4. When someone makes a group chat behind my back I just get so hurt... the whole entire earth SHATTERS around me and the betrayal cuts me to my core! I point the blame at everyone else around me, don’t deal with my own problems and dump them on everybody else. Group chats just are the be all and end all of my existence...
  5. So did I? I thought the “filthy little donut licker was totally over!!! Done for good!!”
  6. Indie in here acting like he isn’t the cause of the drama I- I shouldn’t give a shit about drama but when you’re watching a situation THIS stupid, childish, hypocritical and avoidable and it’s affecting a community you are part of and care about then it makes you care I guess
  7. If only they had sensitive toothpaste but for sensitive personalities :whereisit:

  8. jackgrande

    The COP Room

    Well if we really are closing it was nice knowing y’all COP really deserves to live on but apparently fully grown adults can’t work and communicate with eachother
  9. jackgrande

    The COP Room

    Nah sis i’m UK born and raised
  10. jackgrande

    The COP Room

    I’m so excited for Autumn (or fall for you American bitches). So many new movies, tv shows and books coming out fuck