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  1. She’s a huge streaming force on Spotify but we just need to make sure we help her on every single platform possible, it’s still the middle of the night or early morning for most of America so the views will likely increase a lot during the day today
  2. I’m so glad it’s smashing so far fuck, an eery BOP
  3. SLAY, she probably has more than that too because the view count is stuck
  4. I hate to admit but yes she has, both are still doing amazingly though Buy No Tears Left To Cry AND Chun-Li on iTunes
  5. Who cares buy NTLTC on iTunes
  6. After Ms Grandes return No tears left to cry is coming for the top 5
  7. #1 IN 40 COUNTRIES, A GLOBAL ICON :tellem2:

  8. I cannot believe how much I love this song omfg, I was really trashing it at first but this is EVERYTHING
  9. I suddenly support trump and LOATHE sicki garbaj come through taste
  10. HOLY SHIT WOW OKAY after more listens and actually having it on a good volume (it was 5am when I first listened so I literally had the volume down to 1), this song is fucking EVERYTHING. #1 IN 32 COUNTRIES :tellem2:

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    2. jackgrande


      Fuck i am SO ready for the album

    3. Believe In Furler

      Believe In Furler

      honestly even if this is the lowpoint of the album it's gonna be fucking great

    4. jackgrande


      She manages to outdo herself literally every era fuck, this album will definitely get her her first Grammy