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  1. Does Taylor Swift get a lot of unnecessary hate?

    EXACTLY although patriotism is a common trait in right wing people/republicans ngl
  2. Does Taylor Swift get a lot of unnecessary hate?

    My wokeness is in full swing today ladies
  3. Does Taylor Swift get a lot of unnecessary hate?

    Literally WHERE did I mention anything to do with veterans here sis? Of course I have respect for them. I have pride in my country I just don’t get mad as fuck if some says they hate the U.K. because that’s their opinion, the whole idea of patriotism is manmade and I don’t really believe in it. I’m just a living organism who happened to be born on a particular slab of rock that humans named England, it’s not that deep.
  4. Does Taylor Swift get a lot of unnecessary hate?

    I was watching a documentary last night where the actress Miriam Margoyles goes to visit America and she spent a week in a summer camp and they literally had to wake up at 5am every morning to stand and say the pledge of allegiance up at the flag, they treat it like a religion it’s crazy
  5. Does Taylor Swift get a lot of unnecessary hate?

    ‘ANTI-AMERICAN COMMENTS’ i’m SCREAMING America really has gone way too far with their patriotism, it’s crazy how Americans get so offended over someone saying they hate their country. I literally couldn’t give a shit if someone said they hated my country at the end of the day it’s a fucking slab of rock we’re all living on, Americans literally worship the flag it kills me
  6. Does Taylor Swift get a lot of unnecessary hate?

    I can’t stand her music and just think it’s terrible and doesn’t deserve the success it gets, so she deserves every bit of hate from me. She’s also an EXTREMELY problematic artist who seems to feed off of drama (that she causes) to make money off of it and brings other artists down
  7. Nicki, Taylor, Katy are all homophobic

    HOW twisted do you have to be turn this into a slavery argument oh my god. That’s a completely different subject and i’m literally not gonna have a conversation with you about it because you don’t seem to be able to make well written, thoughtful and educational responses. I am gay and literally used to use the word ‘fag’ and used gay as an insult before I even knew I was gay when I was a kid (around the time of ‘Ur So Gay’ and Nicki getting popular), I was uneducated and wasn’t aware of what I was even saying. Racism and Homophobia are two different subjects sis.
  8. Nicki, Taylor, Katy are all homophobic

    Yes because people learn and grow. They all made those comments/lyrics years ago when the LGBT community were no were near as accepted/understood as we are today, gay marriage wasn’t even legal in most countries. Those 3 women have since proved that they’re not homophobic. However in Cardis case it’s 2018 and her and offset are still on their same shit, it’s not acceptable these days. She clearly hasn’t learnt. And I hate to break it to you sis but this is the real world... we’re not hypocrites we just know how to spot a homophobe and don’t accept homophobia in 2018. Their age really doesn’t matter, this was literally over 10 years ago when times were different.
  9. Nicki, Taylor, Katy are all homophobic

    he already achieved that a while ago I think also LIVING for your avi
  10. Nicki, Taylor, Katy are all homophobic

    Sis that video is literally years old along with that Katy song (which isn’t even homophobic it’s just playing up to the stereotypes), people change and learn. It’s 2018 and Offset is still homophobic, Cardi is defending that and has been transphobic in the past which just shows that they’re a homophobic couple. Also the fact you use ‘Nazi’ as a nickname for Nicki is gross and offensive.
  11. Nicki, Taylor, Katy are all homophobic

    let’s watch @beysus try to defend themselves for using this word
  12. Nicki, Taylor, Katy are all homophobic

    wow you really just used that word i’m-
  13. Nicki, Taylor, Katy are all homophobic

    Nice try sis, seems like you forgot about when Katy won a human rights award last year for her LGBTQ advocacy...
  14. Offset wasn't being homophobic

    We’ve known that Migos are homophobic literally since they started getting successful, this only further proves that Offset is homophobic sweetie. His excuse literally wasn’t valid, his use of the word ‘choice’ just shows that he doesn’t understand what being gay is AT ALL like you don’t choose to be gay just like you don’t choose to be straight. He’s ignorant and a homophobe.
  15. Cardi B Defends Offset

    her ‘stans’ are the type of people who literally just stan for sales, she doesn’t even have an album out yet how can people be stanning her already