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  1. Girl...... I've never been a huge fan of Kanye but I've liked his songs however he is such a messy attention whore
  2. this is my last week for school so I'd be glad to help
  3. There was a blind item on this omg poor legend Ariana
  4. Kim Petras is a single skinny queen who'll accept dick pics in the dms ...hit her up!
  5. KIM PETRAS ON ZACH SANG ON "I DON'T WANT IT AT ALL" I Don't Want It At All was written over a year ago and it was meant to be a demo for numerous artists but most of them rejected it because it sounded too "dated" for them or they feared of being dragged up and down Twitter timelines for releasing a Teenage Dream leftover so eventually it made its way back to me and I re-recorded it, everyone at the studio worked on polishing my vocals and fixing the production and voila, "I Don't Want It At All" was born, I always refer to it as the millenial "Material Girl" and the music video will pretty much be inspired and influenced by the sonf and the . I'm really excited to start performing it live because I envisioned this to be my breakout hit in countries like the United States and of course back home in Europe but for now, we're taking baby steps. I'll be in Europe for a couple of days and then I'm heading over to Japan and if everything goes as scheduled, I plan to release the music video around the time I'm doing my second promo run in North America. ON LGBTQ+ REPRESENTATION Its super exciting to see gay, lesbian, bisexual and now trans artists to be widely accepted in the music industry, I always told myself that I wanted to be up there with Olly Alexander and Troye Sivan dominating the charts. That's my dream I guess, to get a number one single or album because I'll finally prove people who tried to set me up and keep me confined to a box that I'm more than a trans female with a dream. I've never told anyone about this but I was approached by Dr. Luke and at the time, I was unaware of his scandals in America because he practically ran away from them and hid in Europe. One day we were making demos and he wrote this song that I didn't want to be the lead single and he threw a whole fit and called me all kind of nasty stuff so I cut him off then and there, went back to LA and met up with Ryan Tedder, who's much more respectful and conscious. The reason I brought it up is that even though we have this representation now, it takes a lot for people like me to get here. ON UPCOMING ALBUM I plan to release the album in the summer or fall but everything is surrounding how well the single does in the main markets and if I'm in the clear then expect some news on the album by the time I drop the second single. A lot of it's produced by Ryan but I have songs lying around from other producers like SOPHIE and Grimes. On top of that, I'm trying to get in the studio with Charli XCX so fingers crossed that everything will work out. The album itself is unapologetically pop, if I were to compare my sound to other artists it would probably in the vein of Madonna, Teenage Dream era Katy, 1989 era Taylor and a splash of Carly Rae Jepsen but don't worry, the influences are there but it's 100% Kim Petras. ON INSPIRATIONS I kind of explained it earlier but I really love Katy Perry, I mean Madonna and Gaga are great, Taylor's cool too but I love Katy so much. To me, she jumps out the most because she captured the escapism that makes pop music great. Being what I am and being confident that this is how I should present myself in the world, I didn't really have friends growing up and I had the stress of a middle aged man going through a mid-life crisis because of stuff like bullying and transitioning but it would all disappear whenever I listened to songs like Hot n Cold, Firework, Roar and my personal favorites Waking Up In Vegas and Last Friday Night, so Katy Perry pretty much saved me life and I want my music to do the same to my audience. I Don't Want It At All is available for purchasing and streaming now
  6. I get miss thing overstepped her boundaries but the tweets are old... at least call her out on shit she did 2 years ago