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  1. okay i'm back. time to make julia a thing
  2. i was so busy this week i forgot to book julia pls
  3. Title: Crush Artist: Julia Michaels Genre: Pop Label: Neon Gold Records Length: 3:36 Release Date: 01/25/2019 AUDIO: LYRICS:
  4. JULIA MICHAELS HINTS AT FRIDAY RELEASE ON TWITTER: The Issues hitmaker takes to Twitter to tease the release of a new single, supposedly titled "Crush" after it has been announced that she has signed a new record deal with Neon Gold Recordings. "I would describe it as a cute indie pop track about ... well having a crush." Michaels told reporters "It may or may not be about a lucky singer in the industry." she continued.
  5. Neon Records ______________________________________________ Julia Michaels
  6. Joyride was supposed to be released in 2016 but they signed Zayn and funded Mind Of Mine's era instead of Joyride Tinashe explains it better
  7. Wind It Up basically invented Gaga And then there’s the classic L.A.M.B.
  8. I don't mind Ava going number one but she might get ACR'd Ariana in the top five with two songs like the main global pop girl she is
  9. yes let’s turn another tragedy into something used for a stan war...bringing someone who’s not even involved in this