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  1. Lol I didn't know failing was being a feature on almost every song in 2017 but kk
  2. ........you know what, homegirl has been thru a lot. So if she likes it, I love it and that's that on that.
  3. The kind with tits and a vagina I like women
  4. New Rules by Dua Lipa, Hymn by Kesha, XYLØ (a pop duo but the girl is the singer), TerrorJr, Tove Styrke, and Rico Nasty (pop rap, kinda like a female Lil Uzi) all have bops in their discographies also, Ariana is on a well deserved break right now, but next year, she WILL claim the summer with a pop bop! Even better than Into You! Save your hard earned coins for those ladies!
  5. Despashito doesn't deserve half the recognition it gets. Yeah, it's a book, but there are other Spanish bops that you uglies ignore. Chantaje by Shakira. Nuestro Planets by Kali Uchis. Mangu, Sola, Mayores, Todo Cambio, all by Becky G. Mi Gente by Beyonce, J Balvia and Willy Williams. The Latin version of Bodak Yellow by Cardi B herself. Soooo may Spanish bops yet Despasito is getting all types of praise, like we get it sis
  6. He constantly disrespects the people. He issued a Transgender ban on the military, like wtf those people fucking SERVED you and us yet you have the audacity to repay them like that?! When are POC, LGBT+, women, Muslims, immigrants, lower class, etc, going to realize that he ISNT for us? And Puerto Rico STILL isn't getting any help.
  7. Fall Out Boy needs to stop fucking playing and release the damn album. Nicki needs to stoP FUCKING PLAYING AND RELEASE THE ALBUM THE DISRESPECT I HAVE RECEIVED FOR THESE DAMN ARTISTS IM-
  8. Society should appreciate the gay King and Queen, Troye Sivan and Hayley Kiyoko. Their songs and music videos are relatable to LGBT+ youth, and looks like it came right outta tumblr with the aesthetics.
  9. No tbh. She needs either some super generic shit like Sexy Dirty Love, because generic shit is what that GP loves, or she should do a feature, like Lonely ft. Lil Wayne. Because the people ALSO love rap features in 3rd verses
  10. Anti Nicki this just love to be problematic. Nicki doesn't say anything= "she's jealous". Nicki says something= she's jealous". Is y'all big mad or lil mad
  11. Lol I'm black so most of these "Stan Twitter" terms is shit I been used on the daily