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  1. Mid 20's at the LATEST, but everyone has different situations. I still think around 18-23 is the perfect age range. I'm 18 and still live with my parents, but next year i'm going to uni which will have student accommodation for the first year. After that, I'm hoping to find a property that I could rent with fellow students for the second and third year. Ideally, by the time I have graduated from university I hope to be fully independent. Not judging anyone, but @Homojénik spilled the tea. I don't really view people as true adults if they live with their parents. It just shows a lack of independence.
  2. Beysus has a lot of time now considering I got three of his North KoreATRL accounts permabanned. Poor thing really thought he could lie on my name and get away with it.
  3. Born to Die was not hated. It got a positive meta score.
  4. Peaking at #10 in the US and having multiple #1 singles in other major music markets is more impressive than a US #1 and low peaks in other countries.
  5. Most female rappers have managed to create an iconic/critically acclaimed album. Lil' Kim has Hardcore (and to a lessor extent The Notorious K.I.M.), Cardi B has Invasion of Privacy, Lauyrn Hill has Misseducation and Missy Elliott has...pretty much her whole discography. Will the supposed Queen of Rap ever release an acclaimed album like her peers?
  6. I don't think they broke up. Pretty sure it's a promo for his album coming out at the end of the month.


    Benny Blanco is not dating Ava Max, and hasn't worked with Dr. Luke since 2012 on Kesha's Warrior. He has openly been liking Kesha's Instagram posts and recently spoke out against Luke the other day. I believe she's dating Cirkut. I hate that Ava Max bitch tho
  8. Beyoncé has never been as irrelevant as Witness era Kumty Perra.
  9. ??? It's literally bombing on Amazon MP3 and the Amazon streaming service. The only reason it's doing well is because of AC radio.
  10. I literally explained why in the rest of the paragraph. Reading comprehension. A skill!
  11. "Nobody knows how Madonna is" said the Lil' Kim and Aaliyah stan.
  12. Nicki Minaj is no longer popular so 800 likes is equivalent to 10k likes for Cardi B. I'm being fair!
  13. Why would she have massive streaming stats? She debuted in the 80s. The 1980's is a very competitive decade, and Spotify is mostly used by younger people so it's going to be reflective of the songs they know. Madonna was not that big in the 1990s until the late 90s and...she had no chance in the 2000s since the Top 10 is based around artists who are still big today (i.e. most of the streams are recurrent from when people stream their new songs). And Cyndi is a flop. She had one and a half massive albums then flopped.