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  1. Lauren already pretty much said that she's gonna spill all the tea when her contract with them is finalised and over.
  2. It's supposed to be revealed officially this month!
  3. The new Pokémon games are allegedly called "Pokémon: Let's Go Pikachu Edition" and "Pokémon: Let's Go Eevee Edition". They are supposed to be remakes of Pokémon Yellow and will release on the Nintendo Switch by the end of the year. http://comicbook.com/gaming/2018/05/15/pokemon-lets-go-nintendo-switch-eevee-pikachu/
  4. The song wasn't a single and THE VIDEO WAS APPLE MUSIC EXCLUSIVE FOR A WEEK.
  5. Too bad your fave can, considering it's obvious she is her main influence. In fact, Britney said Breathe on Me (your username) was inspired by That's the Way Love Goes.
  6. This dumb bitch. How dare she speak for the whole LGBTQ community? She speaks as if all sexuality is the same. Women, in general, are much more open to a fluid sexuality. The reality is that there are probably a lot of women who mainly have heterosexual relationships, who do enjoy sexual experiences with women from time to time. Just because her lesbian experience is one way, doesn't mean everyone shares the same.
  7. The 'I Like It' Music Video was filmed March 28th.
  8. This sucks. I have no respect for her after she scrapped the sound she was going with on Bad Liar and Fetish because they flopped.
  9. Ariana fans coming for Selena's tan when Ariana slaps on the fake tan every day to trick the GP in to thinking she's mixed race.
  10. It's 2018. Sales are dead. At least Xtina wasn't desperate and discounted her single first week. Now THAT would have been embarrassing.