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  1. We stan Breathin in this house.
  2. Not for the Grammys. Which is the place where ASIB has the most potential for wins.
  3. The way you spam all of your reviews on NorthKoreATRL and now this site.
  4. B-b-b-but...TOUR BUNDLES WEREN'T INCLUDED!!1!!11!1!! @kordei @Nicki Minaj @jackgrande
  5. Hey! That's fine! Sorry for any confusion, welcome to the forum! You posted once then logged off for hours with only one post, so I just assumed.
  6. Maybe because of awards season? They don't want to compete with The Greatest Showman.
  7. I literally asked you a question. Mess. The random defensiveness.
  8. Literally what controversies?
  9. They share the same verses. The verses are just in a different order and some lyrics are changed. She also "wrote" every song on all of her other albums apart from 2 songs on DIL, 1 song on IAMSF and 1 on 4. And the one on IAMSF, the writer came out and said Beyoncé tried to take credit for it.
  10. Her version is so much better. The difference...
  11. R.E.M. is a version of an old Beyoncé demo, Wake Up. The production and melody are exactly the same, and the lyrics are exactly the same at some points. Despite this...Beyoncé has no writing credit. Beyoncé has had a writing credit on every one of her songs since the Beyoncé album. Are we supposed to believe that despite writing all the other songs in her discography...she decided not to write this one? Is this more proof Beyoncé is a fraud who steals writing credits? Discuss @Homojénik
  12. She needs to learn what real music is.
  13. ATTENTION!! 🚨🚨 Welcome to operation "WE HATE PHARRELL". When Sweetener comes out tonight, we will NOT buy the album. Instead we will buy all the Max Martin and crew tracks. These songs are: No Tears Left to Cry God is a Woman Breathin Everytime Raindrops (an angel cried) WE ARE BOYCOTTING THE OTHER SONGS! We want to show Ariana that we HATE Pharrell and want him metaphorically DEAD.