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    1. Medoner


      I thought you were "over" this site :seeyouincourt:

    2. Best Fiction

      Best Fiction

      Yeah, I mega am over this serve. Just here to flex on some people x

  2. Good numbers globally and in America, but sorta a massive flop in the UK.
  3. Label: Noir Records CEO: @Best Fiction Artist: Janet Jackson
  4. No! I love homosexuals and would never make fun of AIDS! I also love black people and would never say the n word, dehumanise black people as "blacks" or making fun of the Ebola crisis which hurt many Africans! I hope in 2019, that all bigots are demolished and/or have self-growth.
  5. This song is very relevant for some people in the world! I hope in 2019, the racists will stop being racist! 


  6. I saw an unlikeable member, so I downvoted because I don't like lies.
  7. She is unsuccessful in everything she can does.
  8. It's a fantasy and not real, but it's still disturbing. I think she meant 18/19 when she said teenage tho.
  9. I love Madonna, but she's a fucking mess. Lets not forget, that in her SEX book she writes about how she wants to have sex with a teenage Puerto Rican boy who cleans her house.
  10. Two gorgeous legends! Btw, their collaboration on 'Do What U Want' has reached on #95 on iTunes in the US.