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  1. Good numbers globally and in America, but sorta a massive flop in the UK.
  2. Label: Noir Records CEO: @Best Fiction Artist: Janet Jackson
  3. No! I love homosexuals and would never make fun of AIDS! I also love black people and would never say the n word, dehumanise black people as "blacks" or making fun of the Ebola crisis which hurt many Africans! I hope in 2019, that all bigots are demolished and/or have self-growth.
  4. This song is very relevant for some people in the world! I hope in 2019, the racists will stop being racist! 


  5. I saw an unlikeable member, so I downvoted because I don't like lies.
  6. It's a fantasy and not real, but it's still disturbing. I think she meant 18/19 when she said teenage tho.
  7. I love Madonna, but she's a fucking mess. Lets not forget, that in her SEX book she writes about how she wants to have sex with a teenage Puerto Rican boy who cleans her house.
  8. Two gorgeous legends! Btw, their collaboration on 'Do What U Want' has reached on #95 on iTunes in the US.
  9. The R. Kelly drama didn’t reach a new head until mid-2017 when Buzzfeed posted a article about how he was holding girls hostage. Nobody cared about his allegations before then at the time (sadly). It’s similar to how people still use Chris Brown nowadays.
  10. Same. I’m from the UK, and while 16 is the age of consent...people still think it’s weird when someone over 18 dates someone under. The age of consent might be 16, but it’s mainly for like...16 year olds to get intimate people of a similar age. NOT someone in their 30s.