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  1. CREATE A LABEL: SEASON 4 | Discussion Thread

    @Adam @Starboy I'm not going to be playing with Niall as something personal has popped up. Do any of you want Niall as an artist or some of his money? He has about 6.4 million. PM me if you want some. Thanks
  2. Is Onazi Garbaj actually done ?

    who reads the daily mail?
  3. ATTENTION 'Newbies' and 'Members'

    Freedom, la la la la la la, Freedom.
  4. Farewell WOP Thread

    I loved WOP and @Nicki Minaj really helped us to play CAL. It was a great forum and I loved it
  5. CAL: Discussion Thread

    @Nicki Minaj a few questions is this the thread for the discussion or the actual game thread. And when will you put up a thread for claiming songs- for that can I claim Selena's entire discography, Demi's new album and Ain't Your Mama. Thanks sis
  6. good to see gaga and demi getting some recognition
  7. CAL: Discussion Thread

    @Nicki Minaj can u add me to the list, i took selena
  8. CAL: Discussion Thread

    So perchedt for this, lemme take Selena
  9. Blackout eternal LP

    it redefined britney standards
  10. CHURCH OF POP hits 2000 members!

    Well done! Who was that member. may I ask?
  11. "Sorry Not Sorry" enters billboard top 10

  12. Grammy's Deadline Is Today What Are Your Predictions?

    well i want cupcakke or demi to win but seeing as the grammy voting panel is full of old guys who stan ed sheeran i highly doubt
  13. where is everyone from?

    england (it's a city apparently)