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  1. He doesn't cause it's not true. Many celebrities and even safaree HIMSELF dismissed the rumors
  2. No wonder why shes in the studio already after just releasing an album
  3. Ah the lies the lies.. Rihanna could only dream of having 200k PURE sales. Only 2/8 of her albums went #1 while Nicki only did with 3 and will surpass next week
  4. Does Ariana have a signature song? Problem is her highest peaked single but I don't think it has enough impact to be declared her signature
  5. As fun as this? You should be worried about buying crap from the Avon lady so she can pay her light bill
  6. Lmaoo first it was how she didn't break the record, now it's about "the standard" that nobody even brought up in the first placeJust say youre pressed and go
  7. Doing Gods work Legend Tingz
  8. Yesss. Already bought a digital copy and I'm gonna be streaming on Apple Music 24/7. Idk I might buy a physical copy too if I can sneak it through the mail without anyone noticing shfsfjh
  9. In preparation of her album just days away, it's been announced and speculated she's launching a new label and Apple Music station. It's not much info on this topic laying around the internet but in her Zane Lowe interview a few months ago she said she would be opening a label and signing new artist/producers and if you look closely on the album cover you can see the logo at the top
  10. Yes ma'am we've been through trials and tribulations to get to this day but we're finally here. Now it's time to shake my ass to this album
  11. She's debuting her own Apple Music radio show with a 2 hour show. Ends right when the album drops Also