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  1. I miss you, sha la la la la :beybawl:

  2. Fair enough but i'm here praising riri
  3. Anti is still a fresh album when will our faves? never
  4. the album is nothing special but stans will overhype it thats their job
  5. ColdInside

    Lana Del Rey

    grammys found talent for once
  6. ColdInside

    Lana Del Rey

    uv deserved 1000 grammys and so did btd
  7. ColdInside

    Lana Del Rey

    i know right so many people are pressedT even tho lfl wasn't the best im so happy she got her nom!!!
  8. Why? She deserved Talent lost
  9. Yeah im surprised she didn't get into that category. Very confused
  10. grammys are a kii but the jay z noms are just..
  11. Not one nomination. Thoughts?
  12. I think he will win because he really got snubbed this year. the girls do deserve it the most though. His album was trash