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  1. I feel like I should go to bed since it's like 2AM and I have to deal with people in like 12 hours. I am so not looking forward to that ...


  2. You're very welcome I definitely agree, clouds and the moon are two of the hardest things to capture correctly. There's so much texture involved and it's so hard to get it just right. That is really big!
  3. I already commented in your thread but seriously ... it's stunning!
  4. Holy shit, that is gorgeous!
  5. I've had a few people now tell me the same thing, I really so need to see about finding that film so I can see it finally. OMJ SAME! Netflix is the worst when it comes to horror. Every once in a blue moon you'll find a gem ... but mostly it's all rubbish. I've watched so many that are just SO bad .... it's almost disheartening lol. Hulu isn't a whole lot better. They got shit on there looks like it had a whole $2.50 budget. Ugh, you are so right about Gothika ... wtaf was that crap? I saw it about a year after it came out, so disappointed!
  6. That sounds terrifying I just can't imagine going through all of that it feeling so real. And then it's not. It just seems to me like that would be very emotionally traumatizing.
  7. That feeling right there is so incredibly similar to what I'm talking about. Like, you know it's not actually happening to you but you can feel it, every single second of it. It's just really strange how for some reason watching it happen to someone else triggers this response in me. I remember one time I dreamed I was bitten by a spider on my hand (again, it's almost always the hands/wrists with me) and I felt the legs crawling on me, the little fangs, the swelling ... everything. I thought for sure I was gonna wake up w a massive spider bite, but nothing. Sleep paralysis is one of the most horrendous feeling in the world! I used to go through it a lot when I was a teenager. Just thinking about it makes me shudder!
  8. Got two new books today with the gift card my brother/sister in law gave me for Christmas. Joyland by Stephen King and A Map of Days by Ransom Riggs. Money well spent ... hopefully. I really wanted to get Caution (Mariah's album) but there was no way in hell I was buying that album from no damn Walmart.
  9. This has also happened to me, especially in a nightmare situation. It's quite strange and a lot of times utterly terrifying.
  10. Perhaps this is a mental thing ... I'm scared to find out tho bc what if it's some kind of, idk, deep hidden longing for that kinda pain. Like my mind telling me that's something I need. I'm disturbed now ...
  11. I think that one might be my next watch after CGS. I had a Shudder subscription for a little while, but I never even got past the free trial bc it doesn't have a Cast function so I could watch on my tv so I just cancelled the service and deleted the app. I've wanted to see Suspiria for a long time now but unfortunately I've not been able to yet.
  12. I'm not so much a pop stan ... hence why I don't fucking fit in here. I'm more than anything a rock stan with pop tendencies. I also love r&b more than I love certain family members. I do find that some (not all) stans in general are more aggressive when it comes to the genre they represent tho ... no matter what that is. It's not just pop stans that hate on everyone else.
  13. I haven't watched that one yet ... but I do have it in my list of things to watch.
  14. I agree with you, it was very gratuitous for no reason really. Actually, that makes perfect sense, to me anyway lol. The gore is fine as long as it's a part of the story ... but gore for the sake of gore isn't necessary. That is one thing about Rob that he needs to, I think, reel back on. Less gallons of blood and more play it into the story. Oh, I watched Haunted the other night ... it's good af! Perfect mix of real life testimonies and reenactments. I liked the atmosphere of the confessions and it's quite emotional. It was a really good show!
  15. It's like that, in a way ... but it is 100% the exact same feeling. What you're describing is more like a sympathy pain. I get those too but these I mentioned up top are something different. It's just really strange.