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  1. I looked at the categories and didn’t see anything I should be nominated for.
  2. I got cheated outta Best Lamb last time, and it’ll happen again this time ... but it’s cool. I see now I’m not getting nominated this time around for anything. I’ll send my nods in if I can, maybe on a Monday since I’ll be home then.
  3. I didn’t do my crown for last week. I’ll do mine this weekend, my Zero Charts come down tonight.
  4. Tea! I have the biggest issue with worms. I cannot deal with them. Worms, caterpillars... just no. And we have those big, barbed caterpillars that sting (buck moths I think they are) ... those bitches are the devil! Once when my baby brother was little he threw a handful of earthworms at me ... I still have yet to fully forgive him for it more than 20 years later lol.
  5. Joseph Anthony Fatone, Jr. 

    I adore him so fucking much. I dunno if y’all even understand. 

  6. OH! Apparently there’s a copperhead big chillin’ somewhere near my front door lately. Fun times, fun times ...
  7. You know damn well that ain’t what I meant lmao! I legit forgot about Taylor and the whole snake thing ... I’m a dumbass.
  8. LOL you and me are basically the exact opposite. I don’t mind the slithery ones, that other one scares me to death tho
  9. *BUMP* Yes babe, that’s exactly what it means. I had a bad habit of doing this on SIN. Like ... bad lol!
  10. I could not agree more with this. We need to treat each other like human beings, we all deserve at least that level of respect from each other .... whether you like someone or not, they deserve at least that. I’m not into the whole trolling thing bc I’m the kind of person who literally takes everything to heart, hence why I’ve never set foot in NHB or SYG, even when I was a mod. I rarely mess w Battlegrounds for the same reason. I’ve been personally hurt by things that have been said on that particular forum many times before ... so I keep myself out of the situation bc I know that the ones saying don’t mean it as a personal attack. I don’t even think y’all think about me at all honestly. It just fucks be up. I’m a ninny. Like was said last night ... I honestly care about all of you. Y’all are family to me and my momma bear complex is strong af with y’all. I don’t wanna see anything happen to any of you. I’m rambling, I’m sorry.
  11. I survived day one ... wtaf. I’m basically Spongebob Squarepants except I ain’t frying up Krabby Patties. Just lots and lots of potatoes ... 

    but hey, it’s something. It’s something. 

  12. I had this song, bought it on iTunes when it came out. My phone deleted it ... rude af.
  13. I try not to think about things like that, I don’t sleep right as it is lmao.
  14. I live close to a bayou, and when it gets super rainy the turtles migrate and explore ... so the little monster just wandered into the yard. It happens quite often. Da said gators do the same thing, when my uncle lived next door to us he ended up w a small gator in his yard once or twice. Joys of living in South Louisiana I guess. I am absolutely floored that those people, collectors of all things, would just leave the residence and leave one of the snakes behind. Wow. It probably got loose at some point and they didn’t find it so they just assumed it was dead. Very irresponsible of them.