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  1. Welp, it was nice knowing y'all.


    1. Dirkje


      No sis. We have each other on discord babe!

  2. Potatoes. Or rice. Mainly bc either can go with just about anything. If we're talking favorite kinda stuff I'm gonna go with crawfish etouffee and/or buffalo chicken.
  3. I've always wanted to read that one myself. I'm pretty sure I'd get kicked outta my home if I bought it tho ... I prefer the word Autumn, it sounds nicer. I get made fun of for using it around here tho.
  4. Tea! I can't do it. If it ain't a physical book I'm gonna have to pass. Very few exceptions have been made ...
  5. Physically painful to watch. I went into it not having any idea what to expect and was basically anxious throughout the entire film.
  6. @life13swift Happiest of birthdays darlin'! Love you to bits
  7. Basically what I was expecting, she rarely disappoints when it comes to ballads. She's got the formula down. I really like it.
  8. I got Febreez in my eye. It’s definitely time for bed ...
  9. Today's notes:


    I hit 11K posts. Whew.

    I have a massive headache (what's new).

    I'm going to bed,

    Goodnight y'all :love:


    1. Dirkje



  10. Blue Sunshine

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    Breakfast After 10 - Blue October
  11. I've heard it's bad. That kinda has me bummed ... I was hoping it would be a good one.
  12. I'm hoping it's just a cold, but I think it's more likely flu.
  13. Cunty McBitchface I heard that one the other day it made me laugh.