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  1. One of my favorite songs in the history of music. Seal is so underrated, the man is amazingly talented. If y’all haven’t already, go listen to Love’s Divine. Holy shit!
  2. I don't eat meat tho, well ... not red meat or pork. They look like pigs in a blanket from the pic MSL posted.
  3. I don't get tired of them easily. A lot of times it can take years before I'm at the point where I won't listen to a fave song on a regular basis. I usually start with a HUGE binge ... like, embarrassingly huge ... and then I let it taper off into regular play for however long.
  4. I don't like sausages ... they scare me.
  5. I need to leave for a bit ... hopefully I'll be feeling better and be able to be back tomorrow, I dunno.

    Not dat it would be all dat much of a deal ... y'all don't need me lol. Anyway ....

    I'm gonna go to bed now. Goodnight COP.


    1. aahfeekiee


      youre the only helpful mod, this place will have burned down by the time you come back take care queen 

  6. Hiya Sofia, nice to meet you! Welcome to COP, I hope you enjoy your stay with us! I you have any questions or anything, don't hesitate to ask!
  7. Hiya and welcome!! Thank you for coming over to check us out ... I hope you enjoy your stay! If you need anything, have any questions don't hesitate to ask!
  8. Welcome Rose, it's nice to meet you! I see you've already been introduced to some of our more interesting characters ... I hope you enjoy your stay here and have a lot of fun! If you need anything, have any questions ... feel free to ask, we're here to help
  9. I think he just didn't stand out enough. There were so many Bieber clones coming out in those years dat he, along with a lot of the others, ended up falling by the wayside.
  10. Albums: Artists: (I have a bunch of comedians bc I didn't feel up to deleting the scrobbles from last.)
  11. I just realized this is in Battlegrounds. I think it's more suited for Music Base so I'm gonna move it over there ...
  12. There is absolutely no way I am going to be able to answer this ... there are just WAY too many!