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  1. I swear ... some people get on my damn nerves so fucking bad. Like, seriously? Grow up. 

    1. King or Queen

      King or Queen

      I was disappointed to see that you liked Taylor Chens post where he accused me of having a problem with seeing black artists succeed. This is completely untrue and I dont understand why you, as a global mod, would like a horrible and completely baseless accusatory comment like this. 

  2. OT: I think I agree w the OP, the Dakotas are pretty forgettable for the most part. From where I’m at, a lot of the midwestern states are unknowns. Like, most people here have no clue where some states are or that they exist at all. It’s sad.
  3. thanks for hiding the posts so quickly. I did remove the images as well so we don’t have to see them anymore.
  4. fucking trolls. This is why we can’t have nice things. Sorry y’all had to see that.
  5. I give up. I can’t deal. I’m over it. 

  6. I honestly feel like both my boss and my manager think I am incompetent and it’s an incredibly hurtful feeling. 

    1. AmazingAzalean


      Why do you think they think that sis?

    2. Blue Sunshine

      Blue Sunshine

      well, I got 100% positive confirmation today. Boss lady did nothing but yell at me all day. Like, I cannot do shit right. I literally work 50+ hours a week sometimes, I get one break a week ... maybe ... I work whenever they need me. But I’m still not good enough bc I’m an incompetent idiot. 

      I hate everything rn. I give up. 

    3. Cheri


      Isn't your boss your mom? Why don't you try talking to her about how you feel?

  7. I’ll give you ten ... one of these things is not like the other ones ...
  8. bloodline. I don’t know ha bc I’ve never heard the album, but I’m sure she’s cute.
  9. the main page on tapmusic says that the artist collage thing will remain unavailable bc of something last has done involving artist photos. There’s nothing they can do about it.
  10. ngl, when the Blackout leaks happened and this was still called Cold As Fire it was my fave of them all. Underrated for sure.
  11. no I did not, but I don’t know who Maluma is so I guess it makes sense I wouldn’t know.
  12. I need to be real with someone ... but there’s no one I can talk to. This seriously blows. 


  13. I’ve never actually been on a real holiday before.