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  1. Since we’re talking about why straight guys are labeled gay if they loss ten to pop music. I don’t know how that’s stealing gay culture at all. But even if that was the issue why are you guys questioning his sexuality ?
  2. @Sempiternal his voice is sexy I didn’t expect him to sound like that
  3. I love that Dennis stoff is so in touch with his feminine side
  4. Good night to all my open minded and respectful people :)

  5. If only black people listened and bought beyonce music she wouldn’t be half as popular. Music is for everyone !
  6. I think this discussion isn’t going anywhere. @Lemons and @Caramel we agree to disagree. I’m glad you guys were respectful and didn’t result in name calling
  7. It’s not about being called gay it’s about you guys stereotype people and assuming they are gay based on stereotypes.