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  1. @Blue Sunshine i get mixed up. My bad.
  2. this is Dinah Jane she got a voice on her.
  3. thoughts on this underrated bop just wish it was promoted as much as love lies was
  4. ally is a whole angel it's so sad people are hating on her like what did she do really? like her and normani are the only ones has not been exposed as being problematic can't that like people make fun of her dancing like girl she's trying her best.
  5. what do you think of waves? do you like it or is it eh?? comment your opinion
  6. you don't ever get me started with that bunk bed what the heck happen
  7. sweetie heck yes a ally a thread is next.. anyway dinah should've released retrograde cause it's is Superior for solo singles dinah just needs to freaking fix her sh*t if she tryna be famous... girly needs to stop acting so ignorant on twitter and instagram but mostly twitter
  8. Why do dinah do so many stupid things then never talks about them like why did she lip the n word in nicki's song during the 4 of july last year saying that she's a black girl and then never address this stuff ( i'm sorry i'm a hypocritical person ) it's kinda irritating tbh