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  1. Miley is rude but she needs to pick a struggle. You can't be rude and ugly
  2. Rihanna is a rude bitch honestly. Everyone forgot how rude she used to be to fans on twitter. I remeber when she bullied some little high schooler over her prom dress
  3. Underweight depending on your height lol we're joking tho relax
  4. How are you 18 and look like a 36 year old women lol 

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    2. Hilary Duff

      Hilary Duff

      @Ms. Knee but I wasn't even talking about anyone on this forum because I have no idea what any of you look like nor care

    3. Cyrus


      Wps are being given because you all were bullying badlgallaura earlier today, you all broke 2 rules  :wendyw:

  5. I'm quick to check a bitch that needs checking 

    1. kipperskipper


      Why didnt u check kate in lizzie mcguire then? :wendy30: