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  1. I especially love the Brazilian meme such as cuca, and Gretchen LOL . post ur fav memes and gifs here
  2. RCA , Epic suck . Interscope is going in their direction cuz idk what they're doing with Gaga, their focus in more on Selena Gomez now smh.
  3. Mike

    Rank Joanne!

    WAIT SHE IS !! sorry I haven't really been up on the Gaga stan twitter tea this week . Can't wait and LMAOOOO AUNTRAVE ??? I can't ?????
  4. Mike

    Rank Joanne!

    7/10 . I understand it was a tribute to her aunt, but she could of done more pop music or something . let's not even get started on the rumors of the Joanne Angel EP LOL how fake were those rumors smh
  5. Ik that's what I meant on how she could of had more commercial success
  6. ARTPOP was just a mess and I feel bad for Gaga! Britney Jean fell apart , no tour nothing and with those Myah Marie vocals all over the album idk what was all that and Glory was supposed to be Britney's comeback from that mess it still flopped , but I see her worldwide tour dates far doing good so idk Witness is just a mess rn, idk how Katy can fix this era Lemonade wasn't a flop but I feel like Bey could of done better and had more commercial success with it if it weren't for Tidal Iggy Azaela had two smash hits - Fancy and Black Widow, then society and the media couldn't accept the fact that she was a white girl rapper, they tore her down and now she's been flopping with these new buzz singles of her and idk what ever happened to Digital Distortion , is that still a thing? I feel bad for her ): Jessie J just came and gone so quick, that girl had so much potential . Price Tag was a song!! And she had good songs but she fell apart in the American market after her second attempt with Ari and Nicki . I wish she came back big in the US market who else do you guys think had bad eras ?
  7. Thx for the merge and true ! But I really hope it doesn't flop
  8. I heard on stan twitter she's coming this Friday , what are your thoughts ? I hope she comes to slag the charts, but the way the females are doing on the charts en I feel like it will flop but I really hope it doesn't
  9. I really hope Ari can break the 4th album cycle when most pop girls start to tank by then. I think DW was the peak for her , but she's still young and the GP likes her so I think she can still be successful for another two or three eras
  10. There's some rumors out there about new music next week on the Dive Bar tour , but my hopes aren't up this time unlike other stans due to promotional disorder and too much hype for nothing
  11. I hope she'll stick to pop for the next one ! But she is versatile so she'll sound good in any genre tbh
  12. I think the Joanne era has been great for Gaga!! Dive Bar Tour, Joanne Video Triology, Super Bowl LI, Many great performances such as VS Fashion Show, Coachella, Royal Variety Show, etc. Million Reasons being a top 5 hit, the upcoming JWT, 1.3 million copies sold WW (SPS), great partnerships with Tiffany & Co. , Starbucks, Staples, etc, surprise single The Cure. How do you guys think she can make the LG6 era even greater !!
  13. Also after the the witness era , I think she should show us if she has other creative potentials such as acting, writing, directing, painting lol or something or even go traveling, settle down, etc. it's up to her haha. It would be cool to see her do other things besides performing and singing. I always like to see other hobbies from my favorite singers. It makes them feel more relatable to society (:
  14. I think Witness did bad because of all the backlash around katy and her bad ways of promotion. CTTR was a good choice for a single but then her cutting her hair hurt her image, I like it but the GP does not and then her random stunts like that weird Obama video and then collabing with migos didn't help her. Swish swish was alright but no video so really it was the bad promotion and the media spurring things out of control , giving the era a bad start and well album sales are just low now thx to steaming smh. Hopefully she'll bounce back with KP6 when ever that is probally 2019-2020 idk lol
  15. Can feels knock it out? The video helped it get popular with sales and streams these past few days. Can any other songs on the top 10 knock out despacito? Shape of you was a winter hit so that' one is out , that's what I like was a spring hit and idk If wild thoughts can knock out despacito