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  1. I forgot younger now was a thing. I hated that album, I tried to like it but I can’t. She needs to make music like Bangerz again.
  2. I've listened to the album a few times now and I'm blown away. It's so different for a Demi album, and it's so mature - I love it so much. Demi is making QUALITY music, and I'm so happy. The vibes I'm getting from this album
  3. Anyone have any idea of when we’ll get an album sampler, if we do? I heard Miley’s one today.
  4. I’ve listened to SDL a couple times now and IDK if I love it yet... which is weird, I usually love everything from her most of the time. I guess it’ll probably grow on me, but I definitely love TMYLM I would love for her to have more songs like that
  5. I would love for SNS to out peak This is me, but who knows what'll happen. Charts are great and all, but the quality of the music is what really matters. Demi already has all the success and money in the world, she doesn't care about charts anymore and I don't blame her. She's getting the recognition she deserves, and that's all that really matters - charts will come eventually. One day, she will out peak this is me.
  6. Wait, this is a BOP. i'm so excited for their return, i hope they prosper it's what they deservs
  7. Everyone's too caught up with trying to be on top, which takes away their authenticity and creative nature, so no. I doubt we'll see a superstar anytime soon. If someones unique they're labeled as "extra". The standards are messed up.
  8. I'm not really a fan of country music, but I did like Red. State of grace and holy ground were really good. But 1989 was a great album. I didn't really care for the singles she released though. I know places and all you had to do was stay are MASTERPIECES
  9. This topic was made for me holy shit I LOVE I got nerve, rockstar, make some noise, bigger than us, kiss it goodbye, wherever i go, and so much more they're all BOPS hannah montana changed my life to be honest
  10. i was so hyped to meet him last year and then he went BALD and I lost my excitement lmao