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  1. It's here. Boxer is amazing and My Everything is gorgeous! Otherwise I think this album is a grower for me. Ask me tomorrow and I'll love it all.
  2. You bet I am. Perched eagerly and waiting that AND 'Now'.
  3. Anna of the North - Just discovered her and... Wow!
  4. Not sure why they are sitting on the video. It's done and edited. She needs to impact now!
  5. Thanks guys! Can't wait to chat it up with all of you! x Slé!
  6. Go To Work is amazing! So catchy and loving the outro! Slé Nuhdeeeen!
  7. I've ARRIVED...Hiya everyone! I'm Peter from Canada. Some of my fave's are Melanie C, Geri, the other Spices, Anastacia, Girls Aloud, Ace of Base, Marco Mengoni, Bieber & Gaga.