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  1. Miss seeing u here :(

    1. Slemio


      awww :( <3I don't come around often because I'm too fed up of drama and social media, I barley go on twitter these days and even if I do, I do it for the laughs :) . I don't have time since school came around again and I traveled during summer, I do miss you and this forums too! maybe in the future I'll come back you never know :D 

    2. Treacherous Swiftie

      Treacherous Swiftie

      I hope  so. We need more swifties on COP. :taylorheartsu:

  2. I hate my "dad" so i refer to him as "my mothers husband" :evillaugh: 

  3. i missed yall so much omg i finally finished my final exams and i have a full month break im- :wendy26:

    1. Dirkje


      Welcome back! (I dont know if you remember me though. Cuz I’ve been gone for a few months)

    2. Slemio


      your name sounds familiar but thanks anyway sis :wendy42:

      welcome back too i guess :wendy27:

    3. Dirkje


      Thank you!

      Well nice to meet you then, haha :) 

  4. @AngryAzalean yikes i say that to boost your ego cause thats what "friends" do apart from that, your pfp says it all
  5. for a start idk why she chose offset skkskk but this is disgusting lmao yikes
  6. stan twitter so fucking dumb and annoying yet they come off as funny sometimes :lmfao: 


  7. so today my teacher just emailed me saying come by tomorrow you have to do your oral presentation, sis really thinks im gonna come to school for his dumb ass skskskk 

  8. im gonna be absent for 3 days because bitches here don't celebrate christmas

  9. I was given 2 fucking months to prepare and rehearse 7 projects (intotal), this week is the deadline and I haven't done a single. fucking one. if that doesn't sum up how much of a procrastinator i am idk what will

  10. i lent this bitch my account that i dont use anymore and i asked him a question and he decided to leave me on read, so i changed the password and the next day i told him it was hacked dsagagah :eartha: 

  11. the only reason i focus in math class is because of my professor being a fucking snacc

  12. omg hey bitches its been a while i missed yall :wendy26: