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  1. Remember how obsessed everyone was over the Olsen twins even though there were so many more talented child actors? But it didn’t matter because America saw two cute blond haired blue eyed girls and let them be millionaires at the age of six. The same logic applies here. If you’re a greedy capitalist, what’s easier for you? Finding someone who’s legitimately talented and investing the time and money to create something truly iconic? Or find a pretty white/light skinned girl and have her lip sync to a generic song that took three seconds to make, have her sway back and forth on stage and call it “dancing” and rake in millions because talent doesn’t matter if people are willing to spend money on someone just because they’re conventionally attractive? Let’s be real, even if you find a particular artist ugly, 99% of the time they fall into some category of mainstream beauty. Look at Instagram for example. How many people have millions of followers and all they do is post the same bikini pic 300 times? Look, a hustle is a hustle and I respect that. My point is that capitalism incentivized optics over talent and unless we stop buying into it/overthrow the bourgeoisie, this is just gonna be Hollywood now. (Although I’d argue that Hollywood was always like this and that all of those musical gems were exceptions). That’s the real tea ☕️
  2. he out-peaked my fave btw Oh well, at least she tech has a #1 in another country ¯\_(ツ)_/¯
  3. Bradley Cooper technically has a Top 5 song on the U.S. Hot 100 Charts. Whose faves did he out-peak?
  4. She needs to fire her team and let Lovatics make decisions for her via twitter
  5. Mix of Reasons 1. It's not a catchy song 2. Her last big performance was marred by a lip synching controversy so no one takes her singing seriously 3. The 13RW controversy 4. Fall out from the W***y and "picking sides" controversy 5. Other stanbases trashing her as revenge for when she's shaded their faves/the Bieber drama 6. The Met Gala incident happened right before the release date 7. The fact that every gossip site accuses her of being out of control which has hurt her image 8. That messy drama with her mama did her no PR favors 9. The fact that playing into the male gaze can only take you so far, at some point, you need talent 10. Seriously, the song's not that good, especially compared to SOME her other songs
  6. 1. Confident 12 2. Cool for the Summer 31 3. Old Ways 30 6. Kingdom Come (ft. Iggy Azalea) 58 7. Waitin' For You (ft. Sirah) 6 8. Wildfire 11 12. Stars 48
  7. Tennis Court: 54 Buzzcut Season: 102 Team: 84
  8. Keep in mind, the song was officially released on Friday, which is the end of the tracking week. The fact that it charted despite only a few hours of its release being counted towards this week could be seen as a slight accomplishment. Her BBMA performance was also after the tracking week ended. Next week's chart will be a better indicator if it's a bop or a flop tbh.
  9. On one hand, I appreciate that unlike some of her peers, she doesn't just add her name to formulaic songs just for a hit. She actually cares about her output, even if the output isn't as successful or kind of sucks (SNS was a bop but some of her past singles were not as good as she thought they were). However, she needs to fire Phil and replace her management team with a group of Lovatics from stan twitter. Sounds crazy, but I think a group of ten Lovatics would help Demi get at least two top 5 hits for her next era and definitely a #1. The Lovato stans would know how to make an album that balances Demi's artistry and authenticity yet allows room for two buzz singles which the GP would devour. Thus, keeping her integrity yet ensuring that her name stays on the top of the charts when the Generic Public overlooks quality yet again.
  10. Unbroken I know it's a real word, but it just sounds fake LMAO
  11. High: SNS Low: 2016, like she got a Grammy nom and then got the confidence to act messy on social media
  12. Would you rather be cemented a legend after one album but then FLOP HARD or be consistently a moderately successful B/C list singer with a long career?
  13. So many mistakes yet so much success, a true legend!
  14. Apparently Max Martin songs are notorious for weird lyrics because he's Swedish and while he knows English, occasionally he messes it up. Both the Ari and BSB songs quoted above were written by him LOL