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  1. Not as infamous as "Reality has a well-known liberal bias."
  2. I don't watch Y&R. I've heard all sorts of negative things since that new head writer took over. Is he British? A whole bunch of actors have left too, right? It just sounds like a mess and I know a lot of people weren't happy with the ending to Eileen's storyline, how they "fixed" it or whatever. Of course, since I don't watch the show, I'm going on others. Perhaps my opinion would differ. I am shocked by how many big names have seemingly upped and left. Maybe you can fill me in. A lot of fans seem to say they keep watching out of loyalty these days which sounds sad. However, I've been there with Days... although I literally shut them off in the 2000s. lol Loyalty my ass! Don't waste my time, bitch!
  3. Yep. I love all the people on Twitter saying that the other soaps are having to go back to the drawing board after watching it. lol. Days really is on top of things now. Forward-thinking and investing in streaming and social media. A really smart move, especially when Trump keeps breaking and preempting episodes. lol. I love the idea that they can introduce characters via the app ahead of the six month tape schedule. Such a brilliant idea! The podcast is a blast to listen to, too! Oh, and smacky smacky Gabi!
  4. I mean, it'll flop, and she's a mess these days, but maybe she'll put out something where she's not chasing trends. She's running back to Mirwais for the 4 time (5th if you don't count that shelved musical). She ran back to William Orbit and put out MDNO. Will she incorporate her skin care line to this album?
  5. Two thumbs up to Days for pulling out all the stops with their new app, podcast and official Youtube account!!! Wow!
  6. I dunno, people over at another board with all sorts of connections swear it was Y&R that stepped in and put their foot down about her returning to Days this year and that sent Days scrambling and pushing the wedding storyline back a month. Eileen was still reaching out to the cast and Ron through Twitter telling them how much she missed them this year and even said on a podcast that some things just don't work out. She seemed sad about the entire situation. I agree about Kristen. Eileen brings many layers to the role. You actually root for her -- the ultimate villain. Eileen manages to make her likable. Eileen probably remembers Kristen way back being a heroine and how she become a villain in the first place - the entire storyline, how she went bad in the first place. It makes her feel more sympathetic. Thanks for explaining Sarah. I love Ron's writing. He actually watches the show! Not every writer does. It's crazy how Rex talked about falling from the sky during a barbecue. They're not glossing over the show's insane history anymore! Its reminds me of Marlena talking about being possessed by the devil while being locked away in the DiMera secret room a few months ago. Hilarious! Damn Trump preempted the show today. Now I'll have to wait until tonight to watch it on NBC.com, I guess.
  7. I just need Eileen to get back to work at some point. I heard from a reliable source that Y&R wouldn't let her do Days earlier this year and that's why Stacy was a last minute hire. Days was sure they could get Eileen back. Stacy's okay, but just not for Kristen or Susan. I feel like I'm watching some character out of Mama's Family watching Susan now. I just don't want her as a permanent replacement. Eileen is just the gold standard. I get what she's saying though. If she really left Y&R to spend more time with family, going straight to Days would defeat that purpose -- however, she used that same line when she left Days in 2013 or 2014 and then went right back to Y&R. I never buy into her reasoning for leaving shows. Days would give her arcs and a shorter schedule and give her time to spend with her family. It really wouldn't defeat the purpose as it wouldn't be a full-time gig. She probably wants to wait a good minute so she doesn't piss off Y&R since they offer a cushier job and better pay. She may want that again sometime. She can soften the blow if she waits a bit. Y&R was definitely being vindictive not letting her do Days. I know she was doing a lot over there, but Days was obviously going to ask her to shoot on Mondays again like 2017, Y&R's "dark" days. Y&R just doesn't want to help the competition. Bitches! Days is a revolving door these days with its cast. Doing a short stint would be perfect for Eileen. She can come and go as she pleases, as was the word put out by a Days insider to Soap Opera Digest once it was announced she was leaving Y&R this year. Who is this Sara chick? lol. Ron is having me go look people up now. At least I'm not having to FF the show anymore. It's actually really entertaining again. The gays are truly boring in this show, and it's not just writing them one note, but, IMO (and many others), it's also the actors. Freddie Smith, even Greg Rikaart, and Sir Smirk-a-lot Chandler Massey are either irritating or stale. At least we don't have Dena Higley brutally trying to execute them and de-gaying the show anymore nor trying to force the Hernandez clan on us 24/7. I'm excited to see the new Days digital app! Susan thinking the Marlena doll was talking to her had me cracking up. I would love something insane like a new possession storyline - maybe an alien abduction! Go full James Reilly again! About Greg - his nipples could cut glass! They don't even bother to cover his tattoo anymore. I never found Kyle Lowder hot before but now I'd happily have an affair with him. Oh, and have I mentioned Paul Telfer???!
  8. I don't think you understand what free speech means.
  9. Can I just say that even though I think Days is better than it's been in many years, the fact that it now has gays writing it and suddenly the gay characters have become the most boring part of the show totally astounds me? I mean - WTF?!? I hope they get rid of Freddie Smith and do a recast. Can't believe Paul is going. He is one hot piece. Anyway, a gif of fine Father Eric, right before Kristen raped him for her XXX wedding tape.
  10. Eileen Davidson better come out of early retirement and get her ass back to Days pronto! Stacy nobody, with all her prison tats, leaves tomorrow. She can take her Party Store version of Susan Banks teeth with her!