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  1. If Bangerz is better than Younger Now then I must be on Mars.
  2. She deserves it. She's an actual legend unlike Demi and Miley.
  3. Don't worry, Rihanna is a legend too. But if one makes this assertion, then they must also include Taylor (as you did).
  4. Doesn't matter. Taylor is a legend. Those who still are in denial will get a rude wake up call once the Reputation era becomes the biggest of the decade by any artist in both sales and tour revenue.
  5. According to who? The general public? They don't get to determine legend status. They love one artist one day and hate them the next. Awards and sales do, however, because numbers don't lie.
  6. Sadly. Even Florida Georgia Line are better, and they're TRASH.
  7. Rihanna does not have the sales power of Taylor or Adele. Adele sold 3.38M copies of 25 in a week. Taylor could beat this number.
  8. But the only other artist who can even match her is pretty much retired. If that doesn't make her a legend, then nothing will. Yes, she wins awards because she's excellent at what she does. She could save the planet and she would still not be considered a legend by pop stans.
  9. She automatically became a legend after she self-wrote and co-produced an entire album (also her best) at the age of 19-20.
  10. I'm just mad you keep calling it Look. It's LWYMMD sis.