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  1. My first concert was last year during the State Of The World Tour. It was amazing.
  2. I don't understand the estate. I truly don't.
  3. How are we feeling about MJ's vocals on Drake's new song??? I'm not sure if i'm feeling it.
  4. Why why wHY are Michael's videos all in such piss poor quality??? SMH
  5. omg i missed the listening party im so mad.
  6. just got home from seeing a living legend aka the best living entertainer last night  B|

  7. For some reason I remember her having a label called Butterfly. I'm confused. EDIT: opp nevermind thanks for answering @Paper Heart
  8. What was her old label? I thought she started her own? Maybe I just made that up idk.
  9. It depends on the shop. Check where you'd like to go and see if they've advertised or not.
  10. You weren't talking about writing, composing and producing in your post. You were talking about vocals and as a vocalist Rihanna trumps Taylor.
  11. changed from harley quinn to michael jackson :ravenknows: