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  1. Whitney 10/10 Aretha 9/10 Beyoncé 10/10 Tina 9/10 Janet 8/10 Normani 7/10
  2. Depends. I met my closest real life friends on twitter.
  3. Short hair makes you lose... femininity? Girl you should see some of the gays I hang around with
  4. So yeah, fuck her racist and discriminatory past but people DO change. I was transphobic, femmephobic and even a little racist 6-7 years ago. I changed, I don’t harbour those feelings anymore and I became educated. So when I hear people apologise and say they’ve learnt from they’re mistakes (especially if you can see they’ve made a conscious change) then 9/10 I’m willing to forgive.
  5. Hollaback Girl, Wind It Up, Yummy Michael Jackson
  6. Agreed. At least the hive knows Beyoncé isn’t the greatest actress, the Monsters are acting like Gaga is the next Meryl.
  7. Not really. His production is lazy and there are far better producers out there. Max Martin and Ilya for example.
  8. I thought the Vagina and anus were connected. I saw my best friend’s mum bend over in her night gown, she wasn’t wearing any underwear and it looked like her vagina and asshole were just one big gash.
  9. Oh my god, shut the fuck up. A whole entire rant and for what? Log off and get some fresh air.
  10. Not really. They could dance and Nicole was the only one who could actually sing. Melody too I guess but she always did WAY too much. They had no chemistry, it was just Nicole and her backing dancers. Little Mix are much better because they all get to sing, they all get to shine and they’ve lasted longer than PCD.
  11. Spotify hands down. Just go to their pop catergory and they update weekly. I also have a playlist with all the pop bops from 2018 which I update weekly. I’ll link you to it a bit later.
  12. Yes. I’ve been working since I was 13 Age 13 - Paper Round Age 15-18 - Burger King after that I started working in offices etc. Nothing wrong with a low tier job, you’re working, end of. $5 per nut? You need to be charging at LEAST 80. I did escorting for a year and I’m highkey tempted to get back into it. £150 for an hour and £800 to stay over the night with at least 2 clients per week. I loved it.