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  1. Hey boo, how have you been?

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    2. Pixelated Kunt

      Pixelated Kunt

      lmaooo I wish that could happen but my schedule:gaycat12:

    3. Lemons


      Nigga your schedule is on some other shit. When can you even enjoy life?!

    4. Pixelated Kunt

      Pixelated Kunt

      Listen the devil is working HARD!!

  2. I’m back hunties 

    Thought I’d take a break from the BS but I’ve been lurking since yesterday and y’all seem more chilled out. 

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    2. WelcomeMarnToMAGA


      Yeah I saw ur name come up down the bottom and missed ya ?

    3. Oh My Gaga

      Oh My Gaga

      Welcome back skinny :nickisip:

    4. Lemons


      Your new name though ? @DictatorIndie


      and thank you boo @Oh My Gaga

  3. So I just spent half of my night out partying with Todrick Hall at the club lol. Such a random night and now ready to go sleep, drunk as fuck.

    1. shmeur


      omg what??? 

  4. Had a cute picnic planned for my boyfriend tomorrow and the weather forecast is predicting thundery showers. I fucking hate how unpredictable the weather in the UK is, Mother Nature can kiss my black ass.

  5. And yes, I’m a messy bitch who lives for drama tumblr_o7p3q6eRlt1sn16i2o1_400.gif


  6. Someone PM me.the tea about what went down on COP. I’m so out of the loop, who got exposed, what was said etc etc. Please and thank you xo

    1. Finessé Knowles
    2. Lemons


      Can you PM the password please

    3. kipperskipper


      i got demoted :gaycattail:

  7. Wtf did I miss? What’s the tea?!

  8. They’re really trying to make you into a racist :lmfao:

    1. jackgrande


      I’m yelling :kelly: i’m one of the only ones here that actually claps back at racist comments

  9. Racists and their cognitive dissonance when it comes to calling people race baiters. Whewww chile, the conflict is real. 

  10. 5B471AD9-7BD6-4C34-8B8A-E2ABEC7C2B5E.jpeg.4819a5e574015fe73bfb887093407212.jpeg

    was feeling myself today 

    1. jackgrande
    2. Finessé Knowles

      Finessé Knowles

      A MAN. The other boys were found dead!

  11. Can people stop tagging me in the fucking emote request page. Please and thank you :beywtf:

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    2. Ms. Knee

      Ms. Knee

      I hope Beyonce cancels all new projects and becomes a hermit 

    3. Lemons


      She does that between albums anyway :icant:

    4. Ms. Knee

      Ms. Knee

      Imagine that forever :jan1:

  12. No Deja Vu just me and my boo :love:


  13. Me losing my mind waiting for Ms Knee to resume Majority Rules :whereisit:

  14. Screaming at the fact that every time I enter a thread, there’s about 5 profiles I’m ignoring and the thread looks a mess :lmfao:

  15. Gaga stans dragging Beyoncé for Formation not chatting higher than Million Reasons because it was free... without realising that free songs aren’t eligible to chart :whereisit:

    1. Tattooed Heart

      Tattooed Heart

      MR also spent only two weeks in the top 20 :whereisit: