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  1. Can we get a host who doesn’t bail on this game for once?
  2. Can we get a host who doesn’t bail on this game for once?
  3. Whitney 10/10 Aretha 9/10 Beyoncé 10/10 Tina 9/10 Janet 8/10 Normani 7/10
  4. 50, 229 total @Dangerous Woman omg I was gonna say dick for both answers but then I thought I’d give everyone the benefit of the doubt. Y’all are some whores
  5. 82 - @Dangerous Woman Screaming at ‘vibrator’
  6. Depends. I met my closest real life friends on twitter.
  7. Who didn’t give their answers in sis? Call them out!
  8. Short hair makes you lose... femininity? Girl you should see some of the gays I hang around with
  9. So yeah, fuck her racist and discriminatory past but people DO change. I was transphobic, femmephobic and even a little racist 6-7 years ago. I changed, I don’t harbour those feelings anymore and I became educated. So when I hear people apologise and say they’ve learnt from they’re mistakes (especially if you can see they’ve made a conscious change) then 9/10 I’m willing to forgive.
  10. Oh I didn’t know, I’m just teasing anyway. Don’t take me too seriously lol
  11. Better than Ms Knee they said, 48 hours they said