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  1. This says more about your taste if anything Taylor Swift: Safe & Sound, Style and I Did Something Bad Fifth Harmony: Work From Home, Like Mariah, Angel and He Like That Selena Gomez: Rise, Sober and Hands To Myself
  2. Who cares, the new album is excellent
  3. LOL you wish, no one is really here for a joint album. The music is meh. When Beyoncé releases her own studio album, she’s going to continue to slay. OTR tour is doing just fine and will outgross majority of tours this year. And this whole Xtina thing? I thought she was predicted to sell like 30k? Oh and if 5SOS are bigger than Beyoncé I expect them to be able to go on a 50 date stadium world tour and sell it out. Let me know how that goes.
  4. It’s just typical of Dr Luke’s urban pop productions. See: Nicki Minaj x Only Juicy J x Low GRL x Don’t Talk About Love (the drop) Ciara x Dance Like We’re Making Love Very similar sounds.
  5. Who lied to you? How does she not advocate for these movements? Donating to BLM, bailing protestors? Just because she doesn’t do things publicly doesn’t mean she isn’t helping. She’s a black woman herself how can she pander to her own identity? The songs about black empowerment (Formation and Freedom) are written by black people though and the only song about feminism (Flawless) featured a speech from a black feminist so.... ?? The FUNNIEST thing is you thinking that a black woman can use her race to further her career in a society dominated by whiteness Whew!
  6. Your obsession with Nicki is boring as fuck now as are these stale, washed up threads about her. I never see you discussing or creating multiple threads about your own faves, just Nicki. Do something positive for once, you’re always angry and negative. What’s wrong with you?
  7. I know it’s wrong and it’s awful that they made her leave twitter but it was all done as a joke. Like the ‘Demi flicked my vagina’ meme that went around a few years ago, stop sensationalising it lmfao. No one is trying hard to be oppressed. ’I almost feel homophobic’ Do you read the shit you post?
  8. Not you stopping this low to try and rile up some sympathy for ol girl Relax
  9. Mariah studio > Whitney Live > Whitney Studio > Mariah Live > The rest.
  10. Ok well then maybe take that time to reflect on your behaviour on here because quite frankly, it makes you look insane.
  11. Some advice: Take a deep breath Go outside Maybe get laid Have a bath These meltdowns are making you look psychotic, get a grip
  12. Throw your pettiness away and realise that Nicki can SPIT. She’s constantly praised by rap legends and legitimate rap fans. You have to extremely deaf because you think the likes of Iggy and Cardi are better rappers when they can’t freestyle or write their own shit like Nicki can. She got a deal because she’s talented, period.
  13. Religion is a disease and is corrupt but we have to distinguish the good from the bad. I know Muslims who are good people who follow their own version of Islam that doesn’t involve persecuting others or beating them etc. There’s good and bad in every religion. The sons in the video can go fuck themselves, brainwashed idiots. Killing someone because they denounced their faith? Barbaric. They need to be locked up, they’re a threat to society.