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  1. Happy Birthday Kipperskipper♡

    Happy birthday babe @kipperskipper
  2. I’m so confused, why do you guys spend more time on buzzfeed than people who aren’t active haters of the site? I’m not even aware of half of these articles until you guys post them on here. If you hate them that much, why don’t you avoid clicking on their website? You know you’re contributing to site traffic right? And then linking the articles for all of us to see? Here’s an adult idea, avoid the things you dislike. Trust me, it’ll work wonders for your sanity. (Even though this entire thread looks like you’re just pandering to the admin and the anti SJW members )
  3. RIP Nicki Minaj

    You really want her dead? Go outside hun, it’s never this deep
  4. Why did The Cure flop ?

    I don’t stan for Katy Perry though so
  5. Why did The Cure flop ?

    Because it sounds like a Chainsmokers reject. It’s a horrible song.
  6. Your Music Library

    Too many, this my current Spotify library though
  7. Spell your name using Katy Perry songs

    I can’t lol
  8. New Year's Resolutions?

    My library is always open
  9. New Year's Resolutions?

    To read one book a month. I used to read so often but stopped due to being so busy. I’m gonna make the time in the new year.
  10. COP's Hot 100 Most Iconic Members Countdown

    I’ll send everyone who votes for me a video of me fucking some ass
  11. Lies People Tell Themselves?

    That Lana Del Rey isn’t a monotonous suicide machine who pumps out the same boring ass, depressing songs time and time again because she hates her fans and wants them to kill themselves
  12. I hate these new generation of stans. Those ones who comment ‘flop’ ‘over’ ____ outsold’ under pop crave/shady music facts tweets. So fucking basic and unfunny, stans used to have the best humour and now they’re a bunch of annoying cunts with no originality.