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  1. Because she’s the one with the most potential to be a solo pop star. The others aren’t interesting enough.
  2. Me losing my mind waiting for Ms Knee to resume Majority Rules :whereisit:

  3. Dua by miles but I cannot at you putting these two in the same league as the others. If anything, it’s Ariana and I dunno, Miley?
  4. Formation, Touch, Into You, Work. The biggest 2016 wig snatchers.
  5. Who the hell undermines her success lol? This plays a significant part as to why people from recent generations, especially stans, don’t really talk about her. She was HUGE but her last hit was almost 40 years ago.
  6. All the people you named came after Diana though? Some of them had huge hits within the last couple of decades so of course they’re more talked about now than Diana. Doesn’t mean she’s underrated, she’s a legend and is recognised as such.
  7. I mean, she did say she was tired of hip hop culture/music so this does look a little desperate lmao.
  8. It’s trash and not even catchy trash like most of the music that dominates the charts, it’s literal GARBAGE.
  9. Needs something to elevate it sis, the song is very chill but it literally goes nowhere. Also remove the claps because they always sound cheap in songs if they’re not done right
  10. Ohhh! Oops I didn’t see, get that coin bitch!
  11. Has this game been cancelled @Ms. Knee