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  1. Alyson Swift just released her debut Album 'Dancing at the Gates of Hell' including the Hit Singles 'Rich Skinny Blonde Pretty' and 'Platonic'. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=VJ1ujmpOlzY https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=XVQVwxR_1c0 https://open.spotify.com/album/4aljIFaWQvT6sWN2EBOE4G
  2. Nope, Tommy would've done ANYTHING not to push that Song since it portrays their relationship and his especially very badly.
  3. Mariah is still touring and being successful. In terms of streaming - she's one of the female with the biggest day streams in Spotify History, she has several videos with 100M Views despite the songs being +20 years old, she just recently got a Top 10 Hit as a Songwriter. Mariah is obviously not at her peak, but she doesn't have to be. At age 20 she won several grammys, wrote songs with an actual meaning and didn't need to cover and copy someone else in order to make a name for herself. The fact that Mariah is still being relevant (which is obviously showcased by how pressed she got you) shows that she achieved a degree of longevity, which isn't easy to obtain. If you'd take a peak into Mariahs Discography... from Bliss to Be Around You to My All or Fourth of July - you'd see the versatility not only in her sound but in her Songwriting, which can be very current (I Don't; Up Out My Face) or just very classy and timeless (Vision of Love; Hero). To obtain a signature sound and yet exploring different genres and sounds throughout the projects just solidifies the artistry that Mariah posses. Call me when Ariana picks up a pen and doesn't have a pseudo-activism complex.
  4. Well, the lack of communication was really a disadvantage, especially when certain people really wanted to do a certain look and we had to create our look around those, but there is no need to point fingers now. It went down badly, some people got away better than others, some people will have to slay that lipsync. I just know now, that for certain people teamwork is not as inclusive as it should be.
  5. +++ Mini Challenge Entry +++ *southern country accent* "Hey y'all, My Names Cornelia and I am from the south. Over the past 40 years, we people had a lot of insults thrown at us... we all smell, we're not fashionable, we make love to our siblings-HEY Don't Judge! In order to showcase equality in Amurrca, August 26th is a day, were we - The People - are being justified. August 26th is official Incest Day! Das righ! Incest is OKAY on August 26th. So go ahead, get your siblings and make lubb! Cause aaaaaalll we neeed is lovee? Isn't that right? *looks over to a pit-crew member playing my brother* *looks at calender and sees it's august 26th* *runs towards 'brother' and tackles him/makes out with him* "
  6. I agree. I mean, you also judged the overall look when the Runway was 'Power of Makeup'
  7. +++ Mini Challenge Entry +++ Hi Guys, My Name is Cornelia. As the Name states, I was born on a cornfield, by hillbillies and rednecks that were creative with finding a name for me. As a good southern Bell, I needed to handle a lot of things in my life. (camera slowly turns into my direction) No matter if I had to wrestle cocks on my uncles farm. feed the pigs.. or fight extreme christians, My life has been troubled with tasks and things that make my life complicated. How do I keep a clean mindset, you might ask? The answer is: I don't. But, there is ONE thing, that has helped me ever since... Before, I found RuPaul's Essential Candle, I was through it. *gets handed candle, sniffs* But thanks to RuPaul's Essential Candle, I can wrestle cocks, fight extreme christians and feed pigs all at once. RuPaul's Essential Candle, made the life of THIS southern Bell easier, go try it! I mean, TRY IT! ... seriously, I need to commission fee!