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  1. it wasnt merit based or attraction. a billionaire married janet so we know that money wasnt his motive
  2. Guy Ritchie married her for her money.
  3. Yeah, but when we think of Asia, we think of China and Japan, not the Middle East.
  4. she's in the process of getting divorced? ok, i didnt know that.
  5. is that all you got? Janet's marriage resulted in her obtaining wealth since she married a successful rich person. Madonna's resulted in her having to give him a house which decreased her net worth.
  6. So, slandering a dead artist is perfectly fine, but looking forward to a crazy, slutty, controversial, old white woman's controversies that WILL arise after her death is WP worthy? Really? 

    1. King or Queen

      King or Queen

      Stop referring to a 60 year old woman as a slut. What the hell is wrong with you man ? 

      I am disgusted. 

  7. White privilege is when Michael Jackson's character is dragged through the fucking dirt with legal and civil problems even after his death, but Madonna is still allowed to walk the streets after even imagining the idea of blowing up the White House. Her biggest accomplishment in music isn't even music-related, just the normalization of sluttiness while being average-looking. Her biggest talent is being a controversial attention whore just for the sake of controversy. Everything she can do, Janet can do better. Aging like wine? Janet. More attractive? Janet. Better performer? Janet. Bloodline of a legend? Janet. The only thing she has done better than Janet at is being controversial without receiving any significant societal blow-back. She is the definition of white privilege.
  8. God i can't wait until the scandals that arise once Madonna's dead, which is hopefully soon. Her stans are unjustifiably arrogant and disgusting pieces of shit
  9. Calling Zayn an Asian is like calling someone an Earthling; technically you're right but you aren't narrowing it down. HE. IS. MUSLIM.
  10. in order to be a troll, you have to actually be good at it
  11. The audacity of 365 stans calling Shallow generic.
  12. Yes, everyday for the past week. .............................I smoked weed