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  1. mess at her name not even being in the writing credits. And tbh, it's not the first time. Dangerous Woman is a rip off of Earned It. Still love her though
  2. "There's levels to your love, and I keep on climbing up." @Ahmed and I stan this bop

  3. well hey, at least Mariah isn't close to death. Vadge doesnt relate.
  4. where did you call her a photoshop phony though? unless it was Battlegrounds, you deserved that WP
  5. So much salt in the comments on YouTube. I thought they were masculine men!
  6. Not people calling this Julia Andrews remake better than Thank You Next. 

    1. hotshot


      Its cute but the lyrics r cringy lol

  7. There's sampling of Favorite Things and then there's 7 Rings... Unimpressed tbh
  8. I'm underwhelmed tbh 

  9. yep, both singles are flops, and both singles are not debut singles for an artist i was assured that 2019 would be her year
  10. i don't even know how i feel about her dad being alive or not tbh