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  1. Bye bye cunt! 

  2. if you hate me, i don't want anything to do with you, and that includes helping you. fuck you. 

  3. Maybe she's catering to the physical copy demographic.
  4. React to this status if you think i am racist. depending on who you are, i will send you a personal message

  5. lol at someone who liked your post because of course he would
  6. i am racist BECAUSE of black twitter. i know what the thoughts of black people are. i will resent people who resent me. period
  7. My thoughts and my actions are different. I can still have apprehensions in my head while showing outward respect.
  8. respect is a two-way street. If Black Twitter is any indication, then white people are hated because of their skin color. why should i respect people that don't respect me?
  9. i do have first impressions of people and am always open to having my impressions changed on a case by case basis. That doesn't mean i'm not going to be careful.
  10. i never called black people creatures in this thread. You are putting words in my mouth. i have a bias based on my experiences with black people. If I meet a black person and they're cool, then cool. But yeah, I will have a first impression, as I'm sure many black people have of white people. You can't say one is justified and one isn't