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  1. ok? TY,N will still be #1 on Billboard next week
  2. No, I stanned for her music. I had been called a racist by a few members because i didn't stan for any black artists, so that's where Rihanna came in. I always hated her personality, though
  3. No, I'm not. I'm saying Rihanna isn't innocent either. We can walk and chew gum at the same time. What Chris did was worse, but are we just gonna act like it's perfectly fine to make physical contact with someone AT ALL? They are related in the sense that they are both life-altering injuries. I have no doubt in my mind that Britney is worried about breaking her knee again and always has to be extremely careful onstage. Regardless, neither event should be mocked.
  4. Both of them stan Rihanna, and fentypark stans for Kanye
  5. Btw, eeve and fentypark started hating on Britney pretty harshly even before i stopped stanning Rihanna. I have nothing to do with their reasoning
  6. "Haha Britney broke her knee. Haha she has no rights. Haha she lost custody of her kids." If the difference between those comments and domestic violence comments are about whose fault it is, then you are assuming that Chris Brown just out of the blue without any trigger or touch from Rihanna that he would just lash out and start attacking her? I'm all for gender equality, and if you start throwing hands, idgaf what your gender is. Yes, the response from Chris was excessive, but Rihanna also made contact with him before he started punching, and nobody talks about that. RIHANNA DINDU NUFFIN. SHE WUZ A GUUD GURL.
  7. It's a legit question... I never see you defending Britney when her conservatorship is mocked.
  8. Both Britney breaking her knee and Rihanna getting her face broken were tragic events. For the sake of fairness, if one is off limits, shouldn't the other be, too? (Fans can use Knee. Haters can't.)
  9. It's amazing how someone as kind and harmless as Britney who isn't a weed addict or alcohol drinker can upset you so much.
  10. I'm just saying.... After campaigning for several candidates throughout the year, it pains me to know that some people think the Blue Wave was unsuccessful. It's discouraging