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  1. Hold up, you're back? :britholyshit:


    Welcome back sweetie <3 

  2. Hi best friend <3 

  3. Can I just say I have gotten into Katy's discography SO much during this past month.... We love a pop queen!

    1. Diaboliq


      TASTES  :katyyas: <3

    2. Knowles 💎

      Knowles 💎

      :wigidol: yasss ive been telling u!

    3. Trainwreck


      I have yet to listen to OOTB but oh has Prism grown on me.... :tellem2: 

  4. hello basic hoes, it's your favorite quitter yet again :gemma: 

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    2. Trainwreck


      i'm good, school is going great and life is okay i guess

    3. GiveUpLocalMix


      yas kween good to hear

    4. Oh My Gaga

      Oh My Gaga

      Hey skinny welcome back <3 

  5. :demicry: miss you

  6. hey ya'll :) hope everyone's doing great! i'm alright, just popping in to say i'm good and alive! 

    PS: Queen AOTY!!!!!

    1. Knowles 💎

      Knowles 💎

      Yasss king!!

  7. Emancipation of Dan :turnup: 

    1. Trainwreck


      omg i missed our girl :turnup: 

  8. Since the other mods decided to nuke your thread I'll say it here


    Goodnight luv, you got my disc if you need anything- think abt me with every iced coffee you buy :beybawl: 

    1. Trainwreck


      ily :love: thanks for giving me so many laughs! Take care :love: 

  9. So yeah! This is no clickbait... I have decided to leave Church Of Pop indefinitely. This is not a decision i’ve made out of anger or hate towards the forum or its members, but rather one that came naturally to me. I’ve just realised I want to move on from online forums and the stan world. There’s many other things I want to try out and spend my time on, and for worse or for better I am in a very different place in my life than the one I was at when I first joined. I had so much fun here and made a few very good friends along the way. I enjoyed the music discussion and, well, the drama too. COP was a great pastime during the past year for me and it really helped me deal with various irl situations. I want to particularly thank @Tattooed Heart for being so loyal and a great, caring friend. I will not forget you or all of the long conversations we’ve had and I’ll try my best to keep in touch! To my other rock who I’ve sometimes hated but at the end of the day was there for me most times, @hammer thank you so much as well. Also, to @Desperado, @Black Beauty ?, @Salvatore, @Nicki Minaj, @MDNAInMyRebelHeart, @raindrops, @Dirkje, Marnie, @Oh My Gaga, @jackgrande, @Treacherous Lovatic, @life13swift, @Maren Swift and various others who I’m sorry for forgetting!: you all were very supportive of me at some point and I am glad I met you all here. Thanks for being a part of my forum experience. I hope everything goes well for you all and will try to check in with you sometime! Lastly I want to thank the mod team and @Softer Than A Homosexual for trusting me and allowing me to be a part of it. I had a lot of fun and am sorry if I let you down by quitting all of a sudden. I wish COP and all of you the best, and hope we get to see each other sometime soon. But for now..... Good night COP