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  1. Same, Self-Titled is incredible, she’s gonna have to come through if she wants to top it!
  2. One exam down, four more to go! :cm: 

  3. I got new rules I count ‘em :duawerk: 

  4. Dua’s music > Camila’s. By landslide. Camila can only dream of having bops like Hotter Than Hell, Blow Your Mind or Begging. And this is coming from a Dua and Camila stan.
  5. My all time favorite is Plain Jane Remix Others include Monster, Run Up, Motorsport, Kissing Strangers, Rake It Up and I’m Out.
  6. Good morning COP, first exam today and I think I’m gonna shit my pants :laughcry: 

  7. Good night COP :/