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  1. That’s the march one idk why the may one won’t show?
  2. Can someone link me to the current calendar? I can’t find it
  3. In the words of @Dangerous Woman, beauty
  4. you're at #1 with 666 upvotes :lucifer3: not today satan!

    1. badgallaura


      I'd make Taylor proud.

  5. Ayo I been ON :britdone: BITCH you been CORN :tellem: Bentley tints on :nickieducating: Fendi prints ON :katy3: 

  6. Imagine having an IQ so low you can’t manage to bleep out that single word, imagine not doing so in front of a whole ass crowd of thousands, imagine saying it in front of a BLACK MAN who was extremely nice about it and gave you a second chance to do the song...
  7. May 2017: Angel as the lead single August 2017: Album release + He Like That second single November 2017: Don't Say You Love Me third single February 2017: Farewell Tour + Make You Mad fourth and final single
  8. Demi was trash yesterday, there's no going around that But she is also the one reason Fall In Line is charting where it is, need I remind you where Twice and Accelerate peaked? I'd say the Demi feature has done nothing but good to Xtinct
  9. I almost exited the page when I saw Dua's ranked last. And when Demi & Xtina's was #1 i lost it Couldn't agree less!
  10. Also ya'll need to quit bashing the Chinese water torture line, it's actually a beautiful one
  11. "stumbling around like a wasted zombie"
  12. NEW SET, scorpion is coming :drakeclap:

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    2. Trainwreck


      We sure as hell do! Coming for every remaining wig these bitches might have!

    3. Tattooed Heart

      Tattooed Heart

      The straight part of your bisexual JUMPED out 

    4. Trainwreck


      Straight legends only @Tattooed Heart :demiwerk: