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  1. I’m feeling sexual, so we should be sexual :elliesass: 

    1. Salvatore


      okay hey! so today i had to get bloodwork done and an xray for my possibly broken hand from like a few weeks back and i havnet eaten or dranken anything in about 12hrs to prepare for the bloodwork and wheni got to the hospital (it was bad) there was hella ambulances cause i get someguy or several people had to get gurneyed idk it was REALLY anoying ANYWAYS

      i got my bloodwork done and needle hurt like hell and i also had to get other tests done idk why they just told me to do it and after i did that i felt battered cause i donated like 2 pints of blood last week got blood drawn today had 2 shots and i feel like a whole ass test subject but thats besides the points so after that i went and stopped by their local cafe which was alright and i got this smoothie or something idk it was and is really good AFTER that i stoppd at panda express to get y late breakfest early lunch which im eatin girhg tnow it's this new 8 treasure chicken thing? idk  also got vegetables and orange chicken cause im skinny and basic and anyways i have this HUGE blue cold wrap around my injection site and my hair is frizzy and in a bun im in a basic grey hoodie and have a hosptial band on and the cashier asked if i was ok and just relased so she probably tohught i was some heroin addict which isnt' true but is an ultimative for others and potentially me down the line if times hget tought and arise but i get some sympathy and thats all fine and now im here back at my home living life!

    2. icarus


      I love these updates :wendyw: