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  1. more than just survival

    this is my revival :somepoints:

  2. I am so happy that you’re back :xtinahug:

    1. icarus



      how do i get the "cal player" role?

  3. LABEL: DEF JAM Recordings CEO: @icarus ARTISTS: Justin Bieber
  4. Welcome back :teamup:

  5. Hold up, you're back? :britholyshit:


    Welcome back sweetie <3 

  6. Can I just say I have gotten into Katy's discography SO much during this past month.... We love a pop queen!

    1. Diaboliq


      TASTES  :katyyas: <3

    2. Black Beauty 💫

      Black Beauty 💫

      :wigidol: yasss ive been telling u!

    3. icarus


      I have yet to listen to OOTB but oh has Prism grown on me.... :tellem2: 

  7. hello basic hoes, it's your favorite quitter yet again :gemma: 

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    2. icarus


      i'm good, school is going great and life is okay i guess

    3. Pure Evil

      Pure Evil

      yas kween good to hear

    4. Oh My Gaga

      Oh My Gaga

      Hey skinny welcome back <3 

  8. hey ya'll :) hope everyone's doing great! i'm alright, just popping in to say i'm good and alive! 

    PS: Queen AOTY!!!!!

  9. Emancipation of Dan :turnup: 

    1. icarus


      omg i missed our girl :turnup: 

  10. Since the other mods decided to nuke your thread I'll say it here


    Goodnight luv, you got my disc if you need anything- think abt me with every iced coffee you buy :beybawl: 

    1. icarus


      ily :love: thanks for giving me so many laughs! Take care :love: