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  1. omg it's been so long since i've been here... is this forum finally poppin like it's supposed to



    1. Dangerous Woman

      Dangerous Woman

      It’s more dead than ever.

    2. AmazingAzalean


      Omg i missed you sis!!!

  2. the most talented member of 5H just released a future critically-acclaimed best selling song of 2010s thanks to which pop music as we know it was saved, thank you queen of pop.
  3. I have no idea if anyone cares but they used this song in the movie but included different version sung by someone else on the soundtrack AND finally this just appeared without the annoying voicovers someone now blackmail Julia to release this superior version in HQ
  4. FUCK i didnt expect this kind of bop slay from HIM out of all people
  5. feat. Charli XCX & Bhad Bhabie... wig ok
  6. taki taki... taki taki RUMBA


  7. Bhad Bhabie presented the cover and track listing for her debut mixtape “15”, which will be released on September 18th.
  8. say my name is so good.... im so sad we were THIS || close to get Demi's version... well

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    2. Nicki Minaj

      Nicki Minaj

      It actually really suits Bebe though. It could've even fit on Expectations.

    3. AmazingAzalean


      I wanna hear it but I have to wait till midnight :trisha14:

    4. Liam Payne

      Liam Payne

      i dont know i just listened to this and like other three songs paoksdapo.... also yeah I agree I really enjoy this BUT I LOVE DEMI I wanted her to have a proper bop like this trisha14.gif

  9. You may have heard about the efforts in Europe to reform copyright law. The debate has been ongoing in the European Parliament for months. If approved next week, these new regulations would require other sites to automatically filter and block content that we upload without meaningful consideration of our right to free expression. The suggestion to use automated filters for issues of copyright is short-sighted at best and harmful at worst. Automated filters are unable to determine whether a use should be considered “fair use” under the law and are unable to determine whether a use is authorized by a license agreement. They are unable to distinguish legitimate parody, satire, or even your own personal pictures that could be matched with similar photographs that have been protected by someone else. This kind of technology should NOT replace human judgment. Internet has always has been an open space for creative expression and information, and these new regulations would only make it harder for us to express ourselves with the freedom and retrieve information we need. YOU CAN FIND MORE INFORMATION HERE: saveyourinternet.eu IF YOU'RE FROM EUROPE, PLEASE CONTACT YOUR MEPS, the mentioned site has all the info.
  10. get ur hands off my man hailey baldwin,
    it ain't no wonder why he is baldin,
    talkin to you is so time absorbing,
    i will fuck u up bitch this is ur last warnin