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  1. Selena just got roasted big time

    god... some people in here are just... stupid
  2. Selena just got roasted big time

    lmao as if other artists didn't use autotune to polish their voices
  3. Selena just got roasted big time

    Twitter people are tasteless... we been knew they wouldn't hear a critically acclaimed and oficially the best song of 2017
  4. Kim Petras is possibly the first transgender pop girl who has an enormous potential to make it big in pop industry BUT since she's an independent artist, there's barely any promo for her songs. Queen Kim hasn't released a bad song yet, all the 5 songs she released have been 10/10 so far (she keeps releasing a song every month until all the songs makes an album). The thing that makes me mad tho is that some famous pop girls with cult followings () released HORRIBLE songs this year, yet some of y'all still preached it because of course "it's _____ _____ so it's automatically good let's buy it even tho it's utter shit", while bops like these are getting overlooked. If any OTHER famous pop girl released any of these songs as singles, it'd be everywhere and you know it. Done with unfairness and being surrounded by tasteless people.
  5. Revival Megarate | Send In Votes!

    no bonus tracks no mega rate
  6. All Night vs. Crown

    which recent (ex)5h solo edm collab with a DJ is better
  7. Selena caught lip syncing in a commercial

    no one would hear her even if they put the volume on max
  8. Charli XCX | Pop 2

    pls link im begging
  9. Adam's Top 10 Albums Of 2017

    "best taste" and then putting that messy generic Shania Twain release in the list... sis
  10. it didn't leak, it just got released in Australia and NZ... too lazy to use VPN tho so I have to wait till someone uploads it or wait till midnight



  12. Top 5 cupcakKe Songs?