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  1. Erm, which faves are you talking about because I think every major pop star with touring power (the 30 and over crowd at least) have booked, sold out and performed to a stadium(s) full of people at some point...
  2. This award has been elusive for several of the pop girls, including the uber acclaimed Madonna and Janet. Beyoncé's legacy will be perfectly fine without one.
  3. It is very generic, in a MOR kinda way. A generic sound isn't bad per se, but 'I'll Remember' is the boring kind. It's like a budget Rain and that song already plods for me lol.
  4. My 11 made it further than I thought it would. I Want You is such a sublime cover. She really captures the sensuality and desperation and frustration of her lover rejecting and neglecting her and of course, Massive Attack did a brilliant production. That pulsating beat with those lulling strings and I'm pleasantly surprised that her most oft-overlooked era of her classic days won the rate. She had such a great decade in the 90s artistically from beginning to end that any single winning wouldn't have looked all that jarring... except for maybe I'll Remember, which not even Madonna remembers.
  5. Papa Don't Preach, a worthy #1 though I have to say Live To Tell and Oh Father missing the top 10 is a travesty, same as Into the Groove even being as high as it is. That jingle is so overrated, even Madonna knows it lol.
  6. Dear Jessie deserved better wtf. It has such sophisticated production and a great melody. It's the lullaby that we all wish we had as toddlers.
  7. First one I remember seeing is Destiny's Child's 'Bills, Bills, Bills.' It was the summertime and I had stumbled upon MTV. There was no turning back. My fixation with music and pop culture had been born.
  8. Unless it's a mixtape or a conceptual double album, tracklists that long don't play well for most.
  9. I think it will be someone unexpected but then again, no one person dominates the charts by themselves. It's usually a coterie of artists.
  10. That Halo reign just won't let up. I predict this will be the most watched video (from a human) and most streamed single from the 00s by the end of the year.
  11. Flopped dismally (it peaked at #13 I think) but it's video is almost 500 million views so it kind of evens out. Not a major hit but it didn't flop that hard. Minor hit. Not bad for a bonus track from re-release.
  12. lol her most ardent haters think far more highly of her than she does herself in real life.
  13. Caution. I only use about 6 tracks from E=MC². Caution has less fat.