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  1. Thank you all for the warm welcome (and I’m not writing this just to “bump” my thread)! I really am starting to love the community as I low-key check the threads. If there are questions you want to ask me about… who I am, feel free to, I don’t bite! Don’t ask for the personal ones, though. Honestly, I don’t know where and when to create my second topic; no need for suggestions, I can walk myself through this.
  2. When it comes to the Princess of Pop, I’m all in. Also, I’m so excited for her upcoming studio album!
  3. Are you kidding?! I love Demi, from the beginning of her music career until now. Thanks for the welcome, by the way.
  4. Haha! It’s because I’m on my phone; it’s easier to type with more choices of punctuations than on the computer. I have to copy-paste each punctuation if I’m on my computer.
  5. Well, I said it is in no particular order. But I do love Taylor Swift, too. Sincerest apologies if you’re triggered. ‘Don’t want to start a fight here.
  6. Thanks for the welcome! And yes, I stan talents only. But the mentioned artists are not just… them. There’s tons of artists I do love – from the popular ones, to the underrated (I shouldn’t be saying overrated and underrated in the same sentence. Nonetheless, that’s not what I meant.
  7. Good day, everyone! I’m Eldrich Lewinski. Just like one of you, I stan my favourite artists. I stan (in no particular order) Katy Perry, Kesha, Demi Lovato, Miley Cyrus, Avril Lavigne, Taylor Swift, Lady Gaga, etc. You can ask me anything there is to know about me except the personal ones, of course, and I will certainly reply as soon as I can or maybe late. ‘Tis why I’m a “gent” is because I’m British. I’m straight yet I do support the LGBTQ+ community, so yeah, I’m not homophobic… just saying. Someone suggested me this forum site, and I do look forward to knowing more people. This is Eldrich, signing out… (not really)